Wrong Food Habits that Age You Faster

Have you ever wondered whether the foods you give to your body in fact provides it with its overall nutrition requirement or not! If not, its high time you should analyze your food habits, more so if you are fond of junk food, these are really the aging foods! Highly processed, refined foods or sugary, fatty foods may be tasty and fulfilling but are found to be harmful for your age in the long term. These foods cause irreparable damage to your body and and also make you age faster. In fact, not only these aging foods but the manner in which you eat- your food habits- too can lead to aging at a faster rate!

Why Wrong Food Habits Lead to Aging

What we eat has its effects on every part of your body, from the skin to bones to connective tissue and even your nervous system. Your eating habits are a major determinant in how fast you would age. Of course the occasional splurging won’t harm you as such and wouldn’t affect you a lot but making it a daily habit is what causes the damage. Foods that have zero to only a little nutritional value may damage the collagen and elastin that keep your skin firm and youthful. They do not positively contribute to body cell turnover like the healthy foods do. In fact, the wrong foods and the wrong food habits hamper the normal life of our bodily cells!

Sometimes the environment in which you are eating or the pace at which you eat may also age you faster. For example, stressed environment and eating in a jiffy! These things lead to secretion of various hormones in the body that do not let you get the full value of food you eat. They hamper proper absorption of nutrients present in the food. But how? You will know this later in the article when we individually discuss the food habits that age you.

Aging Food Habits

The benefits of reforming your eating patterns are that it will not only allow you to control your weight but also increase your levels of vitality and immunity. And as they say, good nutrition is a fundamental block of healthy skin and healthy body as well.

Food Habits that Age you Faster!

What are the general food habits that make you look and feel years older than what you actually are? Lets know them. Also know how you can fix those bad food habits that may be aging you at a rate faster than you can imagine!

Eating Fast Food- All Taste and No Nutrients Make you Age Faster

Yes! As you had expected, fast foods made with all that hydrogenated oils are the foods that age you. Stuffed with Trans fat which is a hazardous concoction of vegetable oil and hydrogen atoms, makes for a great aging agent. Fast food causes inflammation, which ages you from inside, by harming the telomeres of your chromosomes. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes, just as the ends of your shoelaces. The shorter the telomeres, the more aged you will be as their decreasing length harms the efficiency of your chromosomes. This change in chromosomes affects the ability of regenerating your organs.

The Trans fat is also responsible for collecting fat on the walls of the cells in your body. This fat creates patchy walls on the cells which hampers their growth and result in clogging the system. Fast food lacks nutrition and deteriorates your body from within. Remove fast food from your daily platter if stay healthy and young for longer. The least you can do is scan the menu of the restaurant you are eating in and look for the ingredients used. If you see hydrogenated oil there, be sure that transfats are going to enter your body and contribute in your aging process. So, better not eat that fast food!

Having a Sweet Tooth- Not Actually Sweet When it Comes to Aging!

Products containing sucrose, which is again a highly refined and processed version of plant sugar, work disasters on your body. The human body has limited capability of breaking down sugar and the amount of sugar consumption that we have today makes it really difficult for our systems to break the sugar down. This results in concentration of sugar into the blood. This excess sugar slows down your body’s repair mechanism. This also shows up on the skin. As this sugar damages the collagen, your skin loses elasticity and firmness and it starts wrinkling at a faster rate. This makes you look older than what you actually are. Choosing natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup over the processed sugar will keep you safeguarded from all the aging damage that can be caused by processed refined sugars.

Diet loaded with Refined Carbohydrates- Not so Fine to Avoid Aging

Simple carbohydrates or the refined and starchy ones are no less better than sugars. They are in fact sugars in disguise. As soon as you eat them, your blood-sugar levels go high and your body releases a large amount of insulin in order to help cells convert the food’s energy into fuel. This is because it thinks the food will need so much of insulin but in fact, refined carbohydrates don’t need so much of insulin. As a reaction of this excessive insulin your blood sugar now drop and you feel hungry again, sometimes within few minutes. This is called insulin resistance, that gives you age-related diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

Change this food habit and start having complex carbohydrates like legumes, and whole grains. Your body needs longer time to digest whole grains and thus sugar is released in your system in a slow and steady manner.

Long Gaps between Meals- Eating all at once Leads to Aging

Leaving long intervals between two meals, or eating only when feeling really hungry results in directly overeating, this is a major cause of obesity in today’s times. There is a hormone called Ghrelin which is released by the body when there has been no food intake for long. This hormone, increases the appetite, to suffice which, we may overeat. So it is generally advised to take meals within short intervals, and eat only a little at one go. This ensures proper absorption of all nutrients, and helps in avoiding overeating. One should also ensure eating a balanced carbohydrates and proteins diet. Easy digestion of food ensures you have energy all the time and a healthy appetite.

So, its high time you make the habit of having healthy snacks or mini meals between your main meals. And don’t forget to make your major meals ‘not-so-major’! Keep them smaller and only a little bigger than your snacks and mini-meals. Do so only if you want to age slowly!

Eating when Stressed Will also Age you Faster!

Fueling yourself for energy which keeps you going is an activity which should be done when you are calm and at peace. When you are stressed, your body produces the hormone called cortisol. Cortisol prepares you for ‘fight-or-flight’ by giving you extra energy which means it pulls out all the energy anywhere in the body and directs it towards your limbs! Eating when you are stressed will lead to inconsistent digestion of food, as all the blood is forced towards limbs of the body when stressed, and there is a very little left for the stomach and intestines to properly digest all the food. The undigested food starts to ferment and start contaminating your blood stream. This also hinders absorption of nutrients from the food as intestines are not able to work properly. All of this will ultimately result in harming your body.

To solve this issue, relax when you are eating and focus on food rather than on other problems. They can wait! Never eat on your office desk or in front of the TV or while reading or doing any other activity. The only thing that you can do while eating is to be in the company of people who make you relaxed and comfortable. Eat with your family or friends and enjoy your food!
Mending your bad food habits can easily give you a relaxed and a healthy body which not only stays fit but also looks fit. Good food habits, in the long run, will make you feel young from within.

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