Wrinkle Treatment Options- Cosmetic Solutions

Continued researches conducted on aging skin have led to a variety of treatment options for wrinkle removal. These include some that we have discussed in Causes of Wrinkles and Their Treatments. However, when it comes to cosmetic solutions for wrinkle treatments we come across such names as chemical peels; dermabrasion; collagen restoration treatments like laser skin resurfacing and injectable fillers; botox; and other cosmetic surgery for wrinkle treatments as well as non invasive skin rejuvenation for younger looking skin. Here are the options for wrinkle treatment available with your dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and the learned anti aging treatment specialists! Let’s know about these modern day wrinkle treatment options that are most often conducted by duly qualified cosmetic surgeons. Anyone wanting to avail of these wrinkle treatments should find out the authenticity of the cosmetic clinic where they go for these treatments.

Chemical Peels

Wrinkle Treatment OptionsChemical peels as the name suggests removes the outer layer of your damaged skin. It is one of the traditional wrinkle treatment options which dissolves the outer skin layer with the help of chemicals that can be glycolic acid or lactic acid. However, chemical peels are only an effective treatment option for fine wrinkles and do not work on the deep wrinkles.


In this anti wrinkle treatment, various techniques and devices are used for scraping superficial skin layers away. It is the rough and the dead layer of skin which shows off the fine lines which is removed with equipment emitting stream of tiny abrasive crystals. Some of the microdermabrasion techniques use abrasive paddles to remove the dead skin cells so that the skin looks smooth and healthy devoid of any fine wrinkles on it.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This wrinkle treatment option can be called a ‘laser peel’ which literally peels of the top skin layer harboring the fine wrinkles. C02 lasers and erbium lasers are the two common types of lasers used for wrinkle removal. New skin appears after a considerable period which is devoid of any wrinkle, age spot or other skin damages. It makes your skin tighter and smoother too. Sometimes, advanced lasers are used to work in deeper skin layers that can help in producing new collagen making your skin look more youthful. Laser wrinkle treatment is one of the popular collagen restoration treatments along with injectable fillers.

Injectable Fillers

Anti Wrinkle Treatment- FillersInjectable fillers are the most popular among the latest wrinkle treatment options. Various dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid are injected into the affected parts of skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar enabling skin to retain its shape and volume. Sometimes tiny calcium hydroxylapatatite particles suspended in gels are also injected as fillers to treat the deep wrinkles. Depending upon the amount and the type of fillers used, this wrinkle treatment remains effective for about 6- 12 months.


Botox is perhaps the most popular term when talking about anti aging wrinkle treatment options. So, what is this botox? It is a protein which is produced by a bacterium named Clostridium botulinum. Botox are capable of relaxing muscles. Botox is used to relax the muscles under the facial wrinkles so as to give skin a smooth look. Surgeons take extra care while administering botox as an anti wrinkle treatment as it can lead to immobilizing of surrounding muscles. Botox is often used along with lasers and fillers in order to get effective results of these wrinkle treatments.

There are, however, certain side effects of Botox. If you, therefore, get puffy itchy eyes, know how to manage itchy puffy eyes after Botox

Non Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

Non invasive wrinkle treatments are done without touching the skin. They are meant for skin rejuvenation. For example radiofrequency rejuvenation uses heat to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin. The process delivers heat or light into skin’s deeper layers. Most of the time, these skin rejuvenation treatments are paired with skin tightening processes too. These treatments are conducted with the help of radiofrequency devices.

Now the big question- what is the best anti wrinkle treatment for you? This can be answered after you identify your skin needs and the nature of wrinkles as well as suitable treatments for your type of skin and wrinkles. This can best be told by an experienced physician only. So, before going for any wrinkle treatment option, you must freely discuss with a physician because these anti wrinkle treatments might come with their own set of reactions and side effects.

Not ready to take risks? Then go for natural ingredients and learn how to make anti wrinkle creams at home!

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