What is BB Cream?

BB cream or the blemish balm cream is one of the new generation beauty products that combines the benefits of multiple skin care products in just a single cream to give you blemish free perfect skin instantly. It works as a primer, sunscreen, foundation, concealer, moisturizer and so on. Some specially formulated BB creams also work as anti aging or fairness creams. This is why, sometimes it is rightly called Beauty Balm as your daily make up routine can reduce to just applying BB cream instead of spending long hours in front of the mirror.

What is BB Cream Where did BB Cream Originate?

BB cream has recently become very popular in many countries of Europe and America though it originated in Germany by a dermatologist to provide protection and coverage to face after laser treatment. This all inclusive skin perfection cream became widely popular in South Korea and then the Korean BB cream spread to most of the Asian countries. It was only about two years back that BB cream emerged in America and Europe and some of the Asian countries that did not know about this blemish balm cream.

What does a Beauty Balm do?

BB cream can partially be called a magic cream that saves you not only from longer daily makeup routine but also from spending lots of money on different cosmetic products.

What is a beauty balm

Sun Protection: BB creams generally contain zinc oxide or titanium oxide, the sunblocks having water resistant properties. Many BB creams contain broad spectrum sun protection ranging from SPF 15 to SPF 30 and even higher than that.

Moisturizing: These beauty balms can provide daily moisturizing with their hyaluronic acid and glycerin content.

Skin Tone Perfection: Such ingredients as licorice and arbutin help BB creams to even out the skin tone.

Foundation Primer: BB creams usually have silicone-based ingredients like dimethicone that make the skin smooth just like a foundation primer does it.


Skin Brightening: There are minerals such as mica in BB creams that give skin a luminous finish and glow.

Anti Aging: Many BB creams contain anti-aging ingredients like peptides, antioxidants like vitamins A, E, and C to make the skin look younger.

The only thing that a BB cream can’t do is to work as an anti acne cream. As per the FDA regulations, anti-acne ingredients can’t be combined with SPF.

Who can Benefit from BB Cream?

Women who do not like to wear heavy make up but at the same time want to protect their skin will be most benefited by BB creams. Also, if you have certain skin imperfections, dis-coloration, pigmentation or blemishes but don’t want to spend a lot of time in hiding them by using expensive cosmetics, you can just apply a little Blemish Balm cream on your face and be carefree for the rest of the day. For the best results, you have to search for just the right BB cream for your requirements. You can find as cheap as $ 8-10 BB creams or as expensive as $ 100 and above. What works best for you can be clear from the list of ingredients used for the BB cream and also some BB cream reviews that you may find from your friends or elsewhere.

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