Drink Water to Prevent Aging

How often have you heard and read that water is good for health, drink water to stay healthy or to lose weight, water keeps your skin hydrated and so on? I am sure its for quite a many times that you have come across the benefits of water for health. Now add this to your list- drink water to prevent aging! Yes, there are many anti aging properties of water that can keep you young for a long time. So, how does water help prevent aging or at least delay aging? Let’s explore!

Anti-Aging Properties of Water

Human body is composed of about 70% of water. Doesn’t that explains the significance of water! We need water for every function of our body- to regulate body temperature, to make up blood, for moistening oxygen to make it breathable, for converting food to energy, for cushioning up the vital body organs and for making up of 75% of our brains and muscles! Water is such a basic element for life. There should not be any doubt about its anti aging properties. However, to be precise, below are listed some of the body factors that would make us understand the anti aging properties of water and how water prevents aging!

Drink Water to Prevent AgingWater removes wastes from our body which is called ‘detoxification’ in sophisticated terms. Without detoxifying bodies with the help of water we can not live healthy due to all kinds of diseases and imbalances in our bodies. Lack of diseases is one of the main factors in preventing aging.

Water cushions our body joints thus lubricating them to the extent that they do not produce friction while moving. This prevents one from very common aging problems like arthritis and gout.

Water helps in carrying nutrients and oxygen to our body cells without which they would not function properly leading to a variety of medical conditions. Not only this, water also helps our bodies in absorbing nutrients. Just imagine having lots of anti aging foods but not getting the required nutrients from them! Would it help anyway in preventing aging? In fact, people who take medications or any other supplements (that can be anti aging supplements too), must drink enough water as it helps the liver to metabolize the medicine and after doing its job, exit the body.

Water for skin is also very essential as it keeps skin hydrated and in turn soft and smooth. Lack of water can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles too. Water makes our skin more elastic keeping it supple and young.

Water for Skin!

Skin, like any other body part, is made up of cells that need water to keep them hydrated. If the skin is not properly hydrated, it will become dry, tight and flaky. As is well known, dry skin gets wrinkles more easily. Thus, water for skin is almost inevitable to keep it moistened and for making it capable of absorbing essential nutrients. So, just don’t wait for feeling thirsty. Make it a habit of drinking water at regular intervals because the water that has been retained in the body gets used up on a continuous basis for various body functions and you must replenish your water reserve regularly. So how to drink water for anti aging crusade?

How to Drink Water to Prevent Aging?

Quenching your thirst is all right but you must make a habit of letting water enter your body more often in the day. However, many people don’t understand when should they drink water and worse, many people don’t even like the taste of water (though it doesn’t seem to have any taste) save when they are thirsty! So, here are some tips on having water in efficient way to keep your body young and fit.

Its not about how much water you should drink in a day (some say 8 glasses a day) but its about regularly sending water into your body. So make it a habit of drinking a glass or a half after about every hour or two even if you don’t feel thirsty. Remember, you have to drink water through out the day at regular intervals.

If you cannot drink so much of water, substitute it. Drink other fluids but not the soft drinks, alcohol, or even flavored water- they are loaded with calories, sugar and other harmful ingredients that are not at all anti aging substances. You can have milk, natural fruit juices without sugar, coconut water, lemon water etc.

If having any type of fluid too is a problem, try having fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, oranges, cucumber etc.

Water Substitutes

While you must have a lots of water or healthy water substitutes during the day, slow down when night approaches. Try not to have too much of fluids before about 2 hours of going to bed. This can disturb your sleep and also when you drink more water at night, you wake up with puffy eye bags– a real aging problem!

So, to prevent or delay aging, drink water the wiser way. This will help you realize the true anti aging properties of water making you capable of staying young for long!

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