Anti Aging Effects of Massage on Skin and Body

Massages come in various forms and types from hot stone ones to royal Turkish ones and each of them is associated with a pleasurable and stress relieving result that most people call ‘heavenly’. On the flip side most people think of massages as those exquisite luxuries that one can actually live without but in reality they are a very essential part of a healthy life, more so if you are looking for anti aging remedies to slow down aging process. Another misconception that widely revolves around a massage is that it only releases stress but again that belief stands corrected when one learns that massaging actually reduces the aging effects of daily life on our skin too. Here’s how a massage helps one reap the benefits of its anti aging properties.

Massage Anti Aging

Massage Reduces Stress as the Best Anti-Aging Effect

Stress is a destructive emotion which not only makes life tougher for everyone but also biologically releases chemicals such as cortisol that are damaging. Cortisol makes our body tensed and it leads to faster heart rate and higher blood pressure. This puts pressure on our organs and they need to work harder. Our organs are working harder and become highly stressed when one is under a lot of stress related pressure. More stress of the organs means that aging effects on our body become more prominent. A massage becomes a savior for all people who suffer from stress. Not only are massages known to remove physical body related stresses but a good massage also releases chemicals that inhibit the process of aging and also help the stressed organs relax and eventually gain strength.

How does Massage Relieve Stress and Prevent Age Related Diseases

Just a few minutes of foot massage can decrease heart rate, blood pressure and regulate breathing even in critically ill patients. Many studies have proved that massage can decrease the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol thus improving overall cardiovascular health as well as decreasing anxiety and depression.

  • Massage reduces cortisol and as a result insulin levels.
  • It releases the chemical neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine that have calming effect on body.
  • It also release oxytocin which is a stress reducing hormone and helps slow down heart rate and breathing as well as relaxes muscles and improves digestion.
  • Massage also stimulates such brain activities that help induce sleep.

All these bodily effects naturally keeps you away from not only stress but diseases that come with aging!

Massage Improves Blood Circulatory System

Our Circulatory system consists not just of the cardiovascular activities but also the lymphatic system. The Cardiovascular system is of course responsible for proper circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body and with age it is known to weaken naturally. But the stresses of modern day life are known to take extra toll on this system which is already under a lot of pressure as it has to work all the time and that too perform even more during high energy activities. Naturally more stress on this system means that the ideal amount of oxygen or nutrients may not always reach their target areas and thus aging and weakness related effects are prominent.

Similarly, the lymphatic system is known for its help towards the immunity system and removing toxins and wastes like excess fluid, pathogens, and dead blood cells. The build up of these waste material in body only give rise to pain and other conditions like fatigue. Thus, it is important to keep both circulatory as well as lymphatic systems in ideal conditions and massage helps in this. A massage helps in reducing damage to both systems.

How does Massage Improves Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems

As we know massage manipulates the various pressure points of our body. It is not just laying pressure but laying pressure in the right manner at the right places of your body. That’s why it is said that massage should be done by an expert hand!

  • The systematic pressure along various tissues and muscles help maintain proper blood flow throughout the body.
  • Massage helps relax muscles by aiding in waste disposal that accumulate at pressure points.
  • Removal of lymphatic waste also mean lesser cellulite on legs and other body parts. Cellulite is a major aging challenge and massage helps in curing as well as preventing cellulites.

Massage Improves Immunity

Immunity is a natural self defense system which protects you against most diseases and also helps you live a healthy life. The immunity system is of course very important and as explained in the earlier point about improved circulatory system, it is improved when your lymphatic system works well.

With age and stress the blood flow as well as the lymph flow is concentrated and thus not fully circulating. As both systems are clogged it becomes harder for the body to protect itself. Studies have shown that regular massage increases the immune profile of body cells. It increases blood serotonin levels and overall capacity of fighting diseases. One of the studies found out that leg massage promotes immune system by increasing the secretion of peptides. Peptides fight off bacteria and save you from many infections and diseases.

Massage Reduces Strain on Muscles

Muscular strain is the twin destructive force of stress which is known to increase aging in our bodies and also weaken it. Most people are complaining of back pain or pain in other body parts and eventually with age the pain becomes really debilitating. This strain can occur in almost any age and is actually symbolic of extreme stress on singular parts of the body due to over weight, sitting jobs and other strenuous jobs exerting pressure on joints.

Massages of course are known to reduce the pain in body but along with that they also reduce the effects of aging. A few minutes of massage helps reduce inflammation which in itself is an anti-aging effect. Massaging softens the muscles to make them more flexible. This helps save them in the instances of sudden jerks or movements. Stiff muscles only lead to pain in body. What more, massage also stimulates synovial fluid. This fluid nourishes and lubricates our joints. It thus helps improve elasticity of the connective tissue and muscles.

With the reversal of the damage of course the aging process slows down. Lesser pain is in itself a youthful experience and what can be more anti-aging than this! Our bodies become younger and fitter due to this effect of massage!

Anti Aging Massage Effects

Massage Can Firm your Aging Skin

Massage stimulates all your pressure points and gets everything moving including your blood! This makes your skin appear really radiant. Remember, blood takes along with it all the nutrients to your body parts, including skin!

Massage is usually done with some moisturizing agent such as oil or a lotion having many useful ingredients for your skin too. This plumps up your skin along with giving it all the nourishment it needs.

Because massage also exfoliates and help remove dead cells, it leads to refinement of the skin pores. Thus you get a clean and glowing skin too! It is, in fact, one of the best anti aging home remedies.

And if you remember the section of this article about how massage tones up and strengthens your muscles, you would be delighted to know that this property also gives your skin more volume and firms it up. Thanks to all the flexible and lengthened muscles that you get through massage. You can think of the muscles as your scaffolding, the basic structure that keeps your skin intact.

Not only the skin of your body, massage can even make the skin of your face firmer and younger! To know how, just read Top 5 Anti-aging Benefits of Facial Massage! It also tells you how to do face massage to get these benefits of massage on face.

These were some of the ways how massage does firm your skin. A tight skin thus, is an anti-aging effect of massage!

That sums up some of the many benefits of massage and its effects on your anti aging efforts! It is clear that the aging process indeed gets slowed down with regular massages. Massages might be the best and most pleasurable anti aging process available to mankind!

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