Is Oleander Plant Beneficial for Aging Skin Care?

Oleander skin care is the recent buzz of cosmetics market. Is oleander plant extract really beneficial for anti aging skin care? If so, what to do for oleander skin care?

Since times immemorial, people have been using exotic plant extracts for skin care owing to the medical properties of such plants. Oleander was popularly known in the ancient texts as the desert rose. History states that in the 15th century B.C. Mesopotamians believed in the healing properties of oleander extracts. Even the Babylonians, Arabs, Romans, and the Greeks alike used this herbal extract to heal a variety of health issues.

What is Oleander and its Skin Care Secrets?

Oleander is an evergreen shrub found in many tropical and subtropical parts of the globe. While beautiful in its appearance, the toxic designation of the plant comes from ingestion. Some of the toxins that are present in the Oleander sap cause skin irritations, severe allergic reactions, and eye inflammation. So, you may be wondering, how it can be safely used for skin care.

That’s where science intervenes. Modern studies revealed that although no single chemical component of the extract can be considered to be the sole source of its benefits, the benefits of the plant comes from a highly complex mixture of components present within the combined form of the extract when processed in labs. These components work together to stimulate and boost the immune system, thereby offering support for a wide variety of health concerns.

oleander skin care

Anti-aging Skin Care Benefits of Oleander

  • Its powerful antioxidant properties reduce the signs of aging.
  • It helps the skin to appear youthful and tight.
  • Clinical trials have revealed that using anti-aging creams with Oleander extracts help in 30% reduction in the appearance of signs of aging.
  • It reduces the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, wrinkles, uneven face texture, enlarged pores, and works wonders on the aging and loose skin.

Oleander: Side Effects and Precautions

Although oleander may possess many healing properties, however like many botanical remedies, it can be harmful when taken or prepared incorrectly. Listed below are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You should never consume this plant raw, as its raw extract form is highly toxic. A lot of poisoning cases and death have been reported due to the intake of oleander leaf tea, oleander, and its extracts. Even the honey prepared from the nectar of the plant can produce toxic effects.
  • Owing to its toxic properties, the supplemental use of this plant should be done only under the guidance of a trained herbalist or skin specialist, under controlled conditions and careful observation.
  • It should only be taken in cases of disease support, and is not recommended as a regular health supplement.
  • When it comes to Oleander, you must do proper research and check with a trained skin specialist or herbalist prior to using any skin care products with Oleander extract in it.

The human skin is an amazing organ and it tries its best to adjust and adapt to all types of situations without irritation. However, every cosmetic product that is introduced to the market, brings with it minor irritation (redness, breakouts, itching, etc.) for few of us. This reaction may be temporary that might resolve once your skin gets used to the product. However, if the irritation persists, you should discontinue using the product and seek medical advice, more so in case of skin care products that contain oleander plant extract.

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