How to Hide your Aging Eyes with Makeup

Aging is a natural phenomenon and accepting it always helps. Some gracefully accept this fact but some others find it difficult to come to terms to all those wrinkles, all over their skin, initiating from around the eyes (after all, this is the thinnest skin that can’t fight off wrinkles easily!) However, one must understand this, wrinkles cannot be removed completely once they are formed. Wait! Aren’t there all types of latest anti aging treatments that claim to eliminate wrinkles and dark circles, puffy eyes and the lot? Yes, there are, but they cost you a fortune! What then? Well, there’s aging eyes makeup! Yes, you can always hide your aging eyes flaws with right make-up tips.

Aging Eyes Makeup Tips

You know that make-up enhances your beauty but you should also know what to use, where and how? Otherwise, this might prove to be a disaster! Once you learn that trick, you can be on top of the world, looking years younger than your age! So, what to address first? The most irritating of all is the appearance of aging eyes. let’s know about some make up tips to hide your aging eyes.

aging eyes makeup tips

Let’s explore and learn some makeup tips and tricks to hide the dark circles, puffy eyes, lines, creases and more, all near your eye. Let’s make your eyes look beautiful.

Conceal Dark Circles to Hide your Aging Eyes

If you have dark circles, probably you would not have any serious skin issue, but yes you would look tired and exhausted, not to say, aged too. So, conceal them. But why? Because, an even skin tone will help camouflage the signs of aging around your eyes. Concealer lightens dark circles, gives your eyelids the appearance of a lift, and brightens your face too.

  • Use light shaded concealer in the areas of dark patches under eyes. You must, thus buy a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone
  • Avoid using foundation or pressed powders around your eyes. They add texture to your skin giving a hint of heavy makeup.
  • First of all, apply some eye cream all along the area under your eyes. This will make the skin plump and smooth.
  • Now take a small make up brush and dab some cream concealer from the inner corner under the eye to the outside.
  • Leave the dabbed concealer there for a few seconds or even a couple of minutes.
  • Using your finger, preferably ring finger, gently dab and blend the concealer, going from inner corner to outside.
  • As a last step, take some translucent powder and dab it over the applied concealer from inner corner to outside, with the help of a brush or sponge. This prevents the concealer from slipping into the crevices. This also helps the make-up last all day long. Translucent powder works for all skin tones and gives you a natural finish by taking away the shine, but not adding texture.
  • If applying eye shadows, apply neutral tones. Deep colors can accentuate the dark circles under your eyes.

Voila! you are done, now walk out confidently without worrying about your dark circles.

Hide Crow’s Feet with just the right Makeup Trick!

Its more or less the same as for dark circles. Avoid using foundation as well as pressed or compact powder on crow’s feet.

  • The best thing to do is not doing anything special for crow’s feet but to distract all eyes away from them. For this, you may use concealer. dab your cream concealer on the patchy areas, like dark circles under eyes and any other such discolored patches on your face. Even skin tone always help hide the signs of aging.
  • If that’s not your way, and you really want to do something, then use pink or pinkish-beige concealer if your crow’s feet have a brown undertone. If you have a medium to olive skin tone, use concealer having peachy or ocher undertones. This make up trick to hide crow’s feet helps cancel out the color so that the fine lines around your eyes become less visible.

Fix Thin Eyebrows with Makeup

With aging, your eyebrows might lose their density, thanks to all that waxing and plucking for years together! But, you know, fuller eyebrows do look younger! So, fix thin eyebrows with makeup.

  • Brush your sparse eyebrows using a spoolie brush.
  • Take the eyebrow pencil matching your brow hair color and with short, quick strokes, gently fill in the sparse areas. Never try to draw on arches in single strokes, this gives an artificial look.
  • This might be all, you need to do to fix your thin brows. If not, follow the below steps.
  • With an angled brush apply your hair colored pressed powder to your brows. This will define the shape of your eyebrows. Don’t fill overly in the inside corners of your brows. Do not also make the end points of brows too harsh.
  • Once again, using the spoolie brush, blend the color to soften any harsh lines on your brows.
  • You may also comb through the eyebrows using a colored gel at this stage. This will perfectly set the look and keep the eyebrow hairs in place.
  • Finally, take a fluffy brush and dip it into translucent powder. Apply this all around the perimeter of your eyebrow to have that sharp and clean look.

Make Thin Eyelashes look Thicker

Not only your brows, even the eyelashes get thinner and faded too, with aging. You have the magic ingredient, the mascara to make your eyelashes thicker! Any aging woman should focus on highlighting the contour of her eyes so that she can hide her age.

  • Apply mascara at the roots of our lashes and then gently paint every lash, individually. Imagine your mascara wand to be a painter’s brush moving creatively over the canvas of your lashes!
  • When applying mascara to your bottom eyelashes, start from the roots of the lashes and move your brush downwards. And when doing the upper lashes, work from the roots.
  • While applying mascara, follow the natural curve of your lashes and do not pull them out straight. This will look natural.
  • Never apply heavy load of mascara on your eye lashes’ tips. This will make them look clumpy as well as heavy.

Lift the Sagging Droopy Eyes perfectly with Makeup

As we age, our eyelids become heavier and start giving a saggy look. The droopy appearance of eyes further get accentuated due to puffy eye bags that appear from out of nowhere! If your eyes have started looking smaller due to these sagging eyelids and puffy bags, there’s nothing you can do except the right makeup.

  • As the fading color and thinness in the lashes reduce the contrast that makes your eyes look wider and alert, you need to apply thick mascara
  • Contrast your eyelash lines with mascara to make them look bigger and wider.
  • After you apply the base eye shadow, contour the crease of your eyelid with a darker shade. Make the outer corner of this contour line slightly up.
  • You may also use a highlighter under your eyebrow bone. This draws the eye upward and away from sagging eyelids, making it look wider.
  • You may also use eyelash extensions or the false eyelashes to distract from droopy eyelids.

Wrinkled Eyes Makeup Tips

It’s a no mystery that aging skin loses its natural oil faster making your feel drier. Eye lids are no exception. They too lose their natural moisture over time and look drier and wrinkled. The best thing you can do to hide these wrinkles on eyes is, to avoid using eye shadows and at the same time, strongly define your eyelash base. However, you may even apply shadows but with caution. How? Read the below tips to know.

  • If not using shadow, define your eye lash base strongly. For this, use eye pencils, eye liners, mascara and even false eyelashes. These will draw attention away from wrinkles.
  • If, however, you want to apply eye shadow, do this. Use a silky shadow on your wrinkled eyelids. Never apply shimmery shadows, they draw attention toward the creases.
  • If your eyelid has too many wrinkles, select a silky matte shadow. To apply this, shade the whole eyelid like a cloud.

With these make up tips, you will be considerably able to hide your aging eyes. To minimize them though, you would need to follow certain home remedies or anti aging treatments!

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