How to Hide Puffiness Under Eyes with Makeup

Are you tired of your under eye bags? I know you are doing a lot of things to get rid of that puffiness under eyes with home remedies and some of you might even be thinking of professional treatment for those puffy eye bags. However, these are processes that take time, especially the home remedies to get rid of puffy eye bags. They are good in long term as you get rid of your eye puffiness permanently but what for now? Till you totally remove those ugly bags from under your eyes, try make-up tricks to at least hide puffy bags under eyes! Here’s how you can do this.

Hide Puffy Eye Bags

Hide puffy under eye bags with concealer in two minutes

If you have a little swelling only but which shows up to make you embarrassed, try this very fast way of makeup- using concealer to hide your puffiness under eyes.

  • Take a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone.
  • Apply this with the help of a make up brush over the contours of the eye bags. This is the place where your bags end and leave a dark line that makes the bag prominent. See the video below to know how to exactly apply concealer to hide puffy eye bags.

Hide dark circles and puffy eye bags with layered concealer make-up

Sometimes, eye bags are accompanied by dark circles all around the eyes. Eye bags too are more prominent sometimes. In such cases, you would need to do a little more make up to hide your puffiness under eyes. You’ll need to do layered makeup with concealer and, if needed with pressed compact powder.

  • Take a concealer matching your skin tone and apply it liberally around the eyes- from under the eye brows till where the eye bags end above cheeks.
  • Now tap with your finger to even out the concealer. Now apply compact powder above the eye lids, not below the eyes. This is enough if you have only dark circles but if you have eye bags too, you should follow the below steps too.
  • Take yet another concealer- matt concealer. This time take two to three times lighter shade and with the help of a brush, apply along the line of the eye bag. To see this line, tilt your head down in front of the mirror. You will be able to see the end contour of your eye bag.
  • Now tap with finger to even it out.
  • Repeat this once again- take matt concealer, apply with brush at the line of eye bag, tap with finger. This layering will help hide even your very prominent puffy bags. See the video below to properly understand how to do layered makeup with concealer to hide puffiness under eyes.

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