How to Get Rid of Puffy Eye Bags?

Eye puffiness, popular by the name eye bags, is common among people who are in their late 30s or 40s. As we age, the skin around our eyes get thinner and the fat pad, which lies below our lower eye lids for support, gets bigger and shifts further below to make so called eye bags under eyes which make our eyes look puffy.

So, if you are in the risky age group and can see mild swelling, saggy or loose skin around or under eyes and even dark circles, you are a victim of puffy eyes.

Even if you are not in the most risky age group of getting puffy eyes, you still might suffer from puffiness under eyes due to many reasons that you will come to know as you read about the causes of puffy eyes.

You must take steps to reduce the swelling around eyes and to prevent this puffiness under eyes that can become permanent too.

So, let’s know the causes of eye bags and some very effective remedies to reduce puffiness under eyes!

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

  • When talking about under eye puffiness due to aging, the skin around eyes which gets thinner is the main culprit for showing up the eye bags.
  • The body fluids too get deposited here under eyes that make the situation worse.
  • The tendency of water in the body to move towards the tissues having more salt can also be blamed for swollen eye bags.
  • If we have cried a lot, the tear glands that secret salty water can aggravate the swelling around eyes. The same is true when we have more salt in our daily food.
  • However, when you see your puffy eyes after getting up in the morning, they seem to be more puffy than the previous day. What’s the cause? The horizontal position of our body in the night makes the fluid travel all the way up towards the most vulnerable location- under eyes!
  • Fluid retention can also occur due to changes in weather or disturbance in hormone levels. In hot, humid days or during the menstrual cycle, your eye bags can become even bigger.

Other than the aging that leads to thinning skin around eyes, other causes of eye bags include

  • allergies,
  • sinus infection,
  • disturbed sleeping patterns (oversleeping or sleep deprivation),
  • alcohol and tobacco (their toxins encourage fluid retention),
  • diet with excessive salt,
  • skin disorders (like dermatitis),
  • botox treatment for eyes; You really need to Manage Itchy Puffy Eyes after Botox
  • certain diseases (like hypothyroidism and kidney problems), and
  • crying (which makes the tear glands more active).

To know more about what causes puffy under eye bags, read What are the Causes for Puffy Itchy Under Eyes?

What are Remedies for Puffiness Under Eyes?

First of all, identify what are the causes for puffy eyes- specific to your problem.

  • Aren’t you getting enough sleep or are you oversleeping?
  • Do you enjoy lots of processed foods that contain much of salt content?
  • Do you suffer from some kind of allergy or even sinus infection?
  • Are you having too much of alcohol and/or tobacco?
  • Have you checked with your doctor for hypothyroidism or any kidney disease?

If all these causes for puffiness under eyes have been checked out and now you feel that nothing relates to your swelling around eyes and also if you are above 35, then aging might be the cause for your puffy eyes.

Some lifestyle changes and slight changes in your diet can make you get rid of eye bags!

And if the problem is bigger- if your eye bags have acquired a really disturbing size, then there are some non-surgical as well as surgical treatments for puffy eyes too.

You may also use anti aging eye serum like the one shown below. These serums not only treat under eye puffiness but also dark circles and crow’s feet!

We’ll now read about some home remedies for puffiness under eyes though!

Home Remedies to Reduce Puffiness Under Eyes

Here are some lifestyle changes that you need to get rid of puffy eyes and also to prevent the swelling under eyes.

Take care of your sleeping position to reduce puffiness under eyes

If you sleep on your side or stomach, you are making the fluids collect under eyes. So, make a habit of sleeping on your back. This might take some time but remember nothing is impossible. If you can alleviate your head a little while sleeping, that too can help reduce puffy eyes. So, use an extra pillow! Get enough sleep- not more not less.

Reduce salt intake to get rid of puffy eye bags

When you have lesser salt intake, you also reduce the tendency of retaining excess water. So, cut back on processed foods in your diet and go for home cooked food with just the right amount of salt.

Remove eye makeup before going to bed

If you have been going to bed with all your make up still there on eyes, its time to change yet another habit. All the cosmetics there will irritate your eyes and the resultant fluid will collect under eyes.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco to reduce puffiness under eyes

If you drink heavily, change yourself. this causes dehydration which in turn weakens the delicate skin around your eyes. This gives birth to the puffy eye bags. The same is true for caffeine. Smoking too weakens collagen- the skin protein- which in turn leads to premature wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Drink plenty of water and healthy drinks

This will keep you well-hydrated and will prevent puffy eyes. Healthy liquids, especially water, are capable of keeping our overall skin tone firm and full looking.

Use vitamin A cream and other vitamin supplements

From now onward, you must include vitamin A cream in your daily skin care routine. You can find it by its generic name “tretinoin”. This will prevent wrinkles that worsen the looks of your eye bags. Skin care products having vitamin K can also help in reducing puffiness around eyes.

Those were the ways to prevent eye bags from forming under eyes.

Now, some home remedies for reducing puffiness around eyes and to get instant relief from the swelling around eyes.

Use natural astringents to cure puffy eyes

Wet and cool tea bags, sliced cucumber or potato are all natural astringent that can instantly reduce puffiness under eyes. Keep them pressed with mild pressure under your eyes for about 10-15 minutes to see their effect on your reducing puffy eyes.

Use cold compresses to cure swollen eye area

A cold compress place around the eye help constricts blood vessels which prevents the flow of fluid into tissues thus reducing puffiness around eyes. This can be anything which is cold- a cold spoon, a packet of frozen peas, ice pack or even ice cubes wrapped in a piece of clean cloth! You can even use a gel eye-mask to reduce puffiness under your eyes.

If your swollen under eye bags are also itchy, here are some more remedies for puffy itchy under eyes

Till you get rid of those puffy eye bags permanently, use some make-up tricks to hide them. Read How to hide puffiness under eyes with make up


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