Homemade Natural Anti Aging Serums Recipes

Nobody wants to look old! Spotting a small wrinkle around your eye may be daunting! Pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, all of them make you look old and dull! Besides, these are the signs your body lacks some vital elements. Of course, skin is the indicator of the health, isn’t it? Beating the aging signs isn’t an easy thing as long as you are ready to feed your skin with the vital elements.

The best and easiest way to battle away the aging signs is using anti aging serums. The serums contain active ingredients in high concentration that repairs the skin from internally. But not all of them are perfect, you need to understand what is the best anti-aging serum for your skin before you use them to delay your aging.

However, anti aging serums that come in a tiny bottle are way too expensive. Don’t worry! You don’t need to put a hole in your wallet and buy the expensive ones! With some simple and effective skincare ingredients, you can easily make homemade anti aging serums!

These homemade anti aging serums are safe, made from natural products, easy to prepare, effective and very affordable! In fact, they can well be added to the list of best anti aging home remedies!


How to Make Anti Aging Serums at Home?

You will definitely know how to make these serums that will delay your aging by years. Just read on to know. Here we go with the list of homemade natural anti aging serums you can try!

1. Make Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum at Home

When it comes to any anti aging serum, you cannot miss this one important ingredient. It is Vitamin C! Vitamin C forms the major part of any anti aging skin treatments. Owing to the amazing benefits of this nutrient on nourishment of skin, there are many Vitamin C creams, lotions and serums popping in to make you stay younger. Here you have a simple and easy recipe – DIY Vitamin C anti aging Serum!

Before looking into how to make vitamin C serum, let us see why vitamin C is a raging skin care ingredient!

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a skin friendly vitamin. It is often touted as an anti aging or youth vitamin.

  • Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen that enables and retains the elasticity of the skin. When the skin lacks collagen, it turns saggy and prone to develop wrinkles. When you age, production of collagen reduces naturally that makes the skin lose its elasticity.
  • Collage also tightens the skin. Regular use of vitamin C (either orally or topically or both) tightens the skin and make it look young!
  • It is a natural skin brightener. It removes all the blemishes, spots and scars from your skin and tones your skin!
  • Treats pigmentation and skin damages caused by sun exposure. Prevents the further damage to the skin (of course, not all sun exposure damage the skin). In fact, a serum made with vitamin C is also one of the good home remedies for pigmentation of skin.
  • Vitamin C is a boon to the oily skinned people too. Sebaceous gland aka oil gland secretes excessive oil which makes the skin oily and soggy. Vitamin C controls the overproduction of oil or sebum and prevents greasiness.
  • It fights against free radicals that cause aging signs. Vitamin C contains high quantity of antioxidants. It prevents the skin against the oxidative stress and repairs the damages to the skin from internally. Vitamin C is the elixir of the younger and healthy skin.
  • Adds radiance to your skin.
  • Enables the skin to enhance the self healing properties. Skin naturally repairs, rejuvenates and nourishes itself regularly. As you age, this process gets delayed which makes the skin prone to look saggy, wrinkled and dull. Vitamin C gives a boost to the skin to repair itself.

Ingredients you need:

  • Vitamin C Powder – 1 teaspoon

(You can buy the organic vitamin C powder available in the stores or make it from scratch, recipe is given below the list of ingredients)

  • Water – 3 teaspoon distilled water
  • Glycerin – 5 teaspoon (Buy the Vegetable glycerin)
  • A dark colored air tight bottle
  • A small bowl to mix the ingredients

You can add or reduce the water or glycerin accordingly. If your skin is sensitive, reduce the quantity of vitamin C powder.

How to make Vitamin C powder

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. In fact, the skin of the citrus fruits has more vitamins than the fruit itself. You can make the organic and healthier version of vitamin C powder using the citrus fruits.

Fruits you can use (go for any one)

  • Orange (recommended)
  • Grape fruit
  • Lemon (recommended)
  • Tangerine
  • Lime
  • Sweet lime

Make sure you choose the fully ripe fresh fruit to get the maximum vitamin C.

Vitamin C Powder Recipe

  • Peel the skin of the fruit you choose.
  • Slice the skin into thin small pieces.
  • Dry the skin under the natural sunlight. It should be dried completely without any moisture.
  • Grind the skin into a fine powder. If the powder is coarse, sift it using a sieve.
  • Your vitamin C powder is ready to use!

How to make the Vitamin C anti aging serum?

  • Take one teaspoon of Vitamin C powder and put it in a dry bowl.
  • Add one teaspoon of distilled water and blend it well.
  • Add two teaspoons of glycerin and blend the mixture well.
  • Check the texture of the serum. If it is thicker than the typical serum consistency, dilute it with distilled water.
  • Blend the mixture thoroughly so that the vitamin C powder dissolves completely.
  • Store in a dark colored air tight container or bottle.

Your Vitamin C serum is ready. You can also refrigerate the serum.

Use it daily for best results. The shelf life is around 3 – 4 weeks. It is very easy to make and easy to use. You can also use vitamin C serum to make other useful lotions and creams such as homemade anti aging hand creams. Also, this is one of the cheap anti aging serums with amazing healing properties.

If you have extra vitamin C powder, just store in a dry container. You can eat it raw. Just sallow a teaspoon of this powder with water. Add a pinch of powder when you brew your tea or in your juice.  Vitamin C also boosts your skin health from internally!

Some Precautions to Use Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is good for your aging skin. Yet, you should consider a few things to avoid complications.

  • Vitamin C is an acidic ingredient. Make sure to add the right quantity of Vitamin C powder to the recipe. Adding too much vitamin C may burn the skin. Remember, the ingredients used in this DIY vitamin C serum are quite active. High concentration or too much vitamin C damages the skin. Yet, you can add a bit more vitamin C powder if your skin has too many wrinkles and it is very dry
  • For sensitive skin, add more water to dilute the serum.
  • If you can, oil cleanse your skin before you apply the vitamin C serum. It will provide amazing results and you will soon find the aging signs fading away.
  • Vitamin C serum is the best serum for the aging and dry skin. It also works effectively on acne prone skin and oily skin. Yet, adding sea salt serum works great on the oily skin. The recipe to DIY sea salt serum is given below.

2. Make Pink Salt Anti Aging Serum for Oily Skin at Home

Oily skinned people need something extra to work on their skin that fights the signs of aging. Rubbing salt on your skin acts as a natural exfoliating scrub. Yet, it works best only for oily and normal skin. Salt absorbs the oiliness of the skin and therefore it is not recommended to use on dry skin! This serum is exclusive for oily skin.

Why Pink Salt?

Termed as Himalayan Salt, this is the purest form of salt on the planet! It is used widely for therapeutic as well beauty ingredients. The salt is found only in the Himalayan region. It is covered by snow clad mountains on the surface level and sealed by hot lava under the surface. Literally, fire and ice protects the salt beds, which makes it purest form of salt. Being a form of rock salt, it is very rich in minerals, antioxidants and trace elements. Pink salt is used widely in mineral makeup products and high end cosmetics and serums.

  • Rubbing the pink salt on the skin removes the dead cells and stimulates the production of fresh cells.
  • The minerals get absorbed quickly into the skin and provide skin friendly nutrients to nourish it.
  • It tones your skin and adds a natural glow.
  • It controls the functions of sebum glands and retains the skin moisture.
  • It erases the fine lines, pigmentation and reduces the visibility of the wrinkles!!
  • Good to use on acne prone skin to get rid of the scars and treat blemishes.

Things you need to make pink salt serum

  • 1 or 3 teaspoons Pink Salt
  • 5 drops of Vitamin E Oil
  • 10 to 15 drops of distilled water
  • 5 drops of essential oil (any oil of your choice) – Preferably Lavender Oil
  • Mixing Bowl
  • A dark colored bottle to store the serum

How to make pink salt serum

  • Heat the distilled water until it turns warm.
  • Put the pink salt in a bowl and add a few drops of water to dissolve it. You can add more or less water until the salt gets dissolved.
  • The pink salt water shouldn’t be too thin. Adjust the water accordingly.
  • Add vitamin E oil and blend it well.
  • Add the essential oil and blend the mixture.
  • Store in the dark colored bottle and use it regularly.

Essential oil in this recipe of anti aging serum is added to get sweet aroma from the serum! But there are many essential oils that, in fact, help in delaying signs of aging. Here’s one recipe for you.

3. Make Age Defying Serum with Essential Oils

If you are at the verge of developing saggy skin or find wrinkles developing around your eye, try this age defying serum! This anti aging serum prevents the wrinkles and treats the skin damages.

Things you need:

  • 5 drops of jojoba oil
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 10 drops of rose oil (Make it from scratch, read below)
  • Vitamin E Capsule – 5 (Extract the oil from the capsule)
  • ¼ teaspoon vitamin C powder (optional, use it only if you have dry skin)
  • A glass bowl to mix all ingredients
  • A dark glass bottle to store the serum

How to Make Age Defying Serum?

  • If you use Vitamin C powder, add it as the first ingredient to the bowl. If not, start with jojoba oil.
  • Add the list of ingredients one by one in the mixing bowl.
  • Blend the oils well and make sure everything is merged together.
  • Just stir the oils using a spoon.
  • You will get an exotic fragrance from this aromatic serum.
  • Pour the serum in a dark glass bottle and store in a cool place.
  • You can use it for months as it has a longer shelf life.

Rose Essential Oil Recipe

You can make the rose oil from scratch. Since Lavender flowers and jojoba is not easily available, you can buy the essential oils. They are relatively cheaper than a few exotic essential oils. However, if you can buy lavender herb, you can try the lavender essential oil recipe from scratch.

This is the basic recipe to make any essential oil at home. Remember it needs carrier oil. Instead of olive oil as a carrier oil in this recipe, you can also use vegetable glycerin or vitamin E oil that has no intense smell.

Homemade Rose Oil

Roses are beautiful romantic flowers. They deliver intoxicating aroma. It is a beauty flower. Rose water makes your skin soft. It enhances the skin tone and brightens the skin. Rose oil is one of the skin friendly essential oils you can use in your anti aging serum. Instead of shelling out a lot of money to buy the essential oil, you can make it at your home with ease.

Things you need:

  • Rose petals (red roses or pink roses) – 10 medium size roses
  • 3 – 5 tablespoon olive oil
  • 4 cups water
  • Saucepan
  • A glass jar
  • A cheesecloth to sieve
  • A bottle to store the essential oil

Olive oil act as a binding element to rose essential oil. You can choose any oil that doesn’t have its own strong aroma. Crush or shred or even grind the rose petals.

Preparation of Rose Essential Oil:

  • Boil the water in a saucepan and remove it from heat.
  • Add olive oil to a glass jar, put the rose petals and close the jar. Make sure you blend the rose petals nicely with the olive oil. Just swirl it once or twice.
  • Place the jar into the hot water on the saucepan.
  • You should warm the oil indirectly to extract the oil from the roses. This induces slow warming of olive oil where the warmth gradually releases the aroma of the roses and blend with the olive oil.
  • When the water is cooled down, remove the jar and place it in a warm area.
  • Don’t open the jar for 24 hours.
  • Keep the jar under a mild sunny shade for a couple of hours before you open it.
  • Open the jar, extract the oil through cheesecloth. Press the rose petals to extract the oil.
  • Your rose essential oil is ready to use!

If you need intense flavor of rose, you can repeat the process again. Store this oil in a dark colored bottle and keep it away from sunlight!

How these ingredients help your skin?

Jojoba Oil

Interestingly, jojoba is an emollient. It unclogs the hair follicles in the skin and opens the clogged pores. When the pores are open, it treats and reduces the chances of getting acne. It is good to use on acne prone skin. It makes your skin soft and addresses the damages caused due to sun exposure or sun burn. It is natural sun block!

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most aromatic oils! The sweet scent of the oil stimulates the nervous system and optimizes the brain function. This helps optimal blood circulation throughout the body. Your facial muscles work better with proper blood circulation and prevent your skin from turning saggy. Besides, lavender oil beats stress and soothes your senses. Hope you know stress causes free radicals which in turn fuels the aging signs.

Vitamin E Oil

It makes your skin look plump and stimulate collagen production. Mere topical application of vitamin E oil erases away the wrinkles. It is one of the essential ingredients to treat aging signs on dry skin. If you have dry skin, you should try this age defying serum to prevent the aging signs taking a toll on you.

Rose Oil

Makes your skin glow. Treats pigmented skin, remove the skin blemishes, and add natural glow to your skin.

4. Make Vitamin E Serum for Stubborn Scars and Deep Wrinkles

Sometimes, your skin may remain supple and retains the elasticity but suffer immensely from deep scars and deep wrinkles. Especially, deep wrinkles and lines around the eyes make you look very old. Removing the deep wrinkles, lines and scars isn’t an easy thing. Here is an exclusive homemade natural anti aging serum for deep wrinkles.

Things you need for vitamin E serum

  • 10 vitamin E capsules or you can use 10 to 15 drops of vitamin E oil (odorless plain oil)
  • 10 to 15 drops of Almond Oil (Recipe is given below)
  • 10 drops of vegetable glycerin
  • 5 drops castor oil
  • A mixing bowl
  • A dark colored bottle

How to make almond oil?

You need around 20 to 30 almonds and 2 or 3 teaspoons of olive oil to make almond oil. Make sure the almonds are dry and fresh.

  • The technique of making almond oil at home lies in how you handle the blender.
  • Put all almonds in a blender (don’t remove the skin) and grind it at a slow pace.
  • Grind for a few seconds at a slow speed and stop it.
  • Open the blender, accumulate the scrapes of almond spread to the sides of the container and put it again in the middle.
  • Again blend it for a few seconds at slow pace and repeat it for 4 to 5 times.
  • Once the almonds are blended thoroughly, add one or two teaspoons of olive oil and blend the mixture in medium speed.
  • If the almonds look dry or not binding together, add more olive oil and blend in the high speed.
  • The consistency would be greasy and oily and it should look like greasy dough.
  • Put the almond dough in a dry glass jar and rest it for 2 or 3 days. (You need to prepare this early and you can store is for long. The more almonds you use, the rest time increases)
  • In 3 days you will find the oil separates from the dough.
  • Strain the oil using a sieve and store in a dry container.

Your almond oil is ready!

How to make Vitamin E Serum

  • Pop the capsules and extract the oil into the mixing bowl.
  • Add a few drops of almond oil and mix it well.
  • Add vegetable glycerin and castor oil
  • If you don’t like the smell of castor oil, you can add any aromatic oil of your choice.
  • Blend all these oils together and your anti aging serum is ready!

How these ingredients are effective in treating deep wrinkles and scars?

Vitamin E

An essential vitamin for skin and we have already seen the benefits of vitamin E for skin, as given above, in the previous recipe for anti aging serum.

Almond Oil

Almond is one of the richest sources of vitamin E. Almond oil is particularly used in many skincare products that are meant for aging skin! Almond oil doesn’t make your skin greasy but erases the wrinkles away and maintain the moisture in the skin. It is a natural skin toning agent and you can also use it as oil cleansing! Almond oil has lubricating effect on the skin, which address the deep wrinkles with ease. Besides, it has powerful healing properties that reduces the visibility of scars, wrinkles and also treats chapped skin. A miraculous ingredient that removes the dark circles around the eyes!

You can simply apply this almond oil added with glycerin or essential oil and use as an anti aging serum!

Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for ages to treat many skin related conditions. It has potential effect to erase the deep wrinkles around the eyes and even on your forehead. Besides, castor oil nourishes your eyes!

5. Herbal Anti Aging Serum Recipe for Firm Skin

Aging signs always begin with wrinkles! But sometimes, your skin becomes too saggy due to loss of collagen production! To make your skin tight and supple, try this anti aging serum for firm skin!

Things you need

  • Rosemary Extract (The essential oil can be very expensive. So you can buy the herb and make an extract. Recipe is given below)
  • Cypress Essential oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil (DIY)

Equally measure all ingredients – Around 10 drops each!

How to make rosemary extract?

(Follow the same recipe to make lemon essential oil. Instead of using olive oil as carrier oil, you can also use odorless almond oil)

You can use either fresh herb or dried rosemary.

  • If you have fresh rosemary, remove the leaves from the step.
  • Heat a wide mouth pan with water.
  • Add the rosemary to a small jar and pour a cup of olive oil.
  • Place the jar on the pan (it is double boiler, you can also use a cooker)
  • Let it boil for around 30 minutes.
  • Once it is cooled down, swirl the mixture and extract the oil.

Alternatively, you can grind the herb with water and extract the juice, mix it with olive oil.

To make the lemon essential oil, shred the skin of fresh lemon (around 2 o3 lemon) into small pieces. Double boil the shredded skin as mentioned above.

How these ingredients help you?

All the ingredients used in this serum have specific effects on improving the skin texture. It makes the skin firm and regains the skin elasticity.


It is a healing herb used widely to treat many conditions. It has inviting aroma that rejuvenates your senses. Rosemary decreases the droopiness of the eyes and treats the aging spots. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which makes the skin healthy, supports healthy collagen and makes your skin glow.

Cypress Essential Oil:

Cypress essential oil is one of the very few natural ingredients that tones your facial muscles and promotes the skin elasticity. It constricts the loose skin and heals the blemishes of the skin.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is used to stimulate the production of collagen. Besides, it is rich in Vitamin C, an elixir of young skin!

Why do we add vegetable glycerin in the anti aging serum?

Vegetable glycerin makes your skin soft. It is actually a kind of fat found in meat and vegetables. Since we picked the natural serums, go for the vegetable glycerin. It enhances the effects of serum and act as a binding ingredient and a carrier to subside the harsh effects of the active ingredients.

General Tips on Making Homemade Natural Anti Aging Serums

  • Always make the serums in small quantity.
  • You can use these three ingredients in any DIY natural anti aging serums.
    • Vitamin C Powder (Use it no more than a pinch or two)
    • Vitamin E oil or Oil extracted from Vitamin E capsule (latter one is inexpensive)
    • Vegetable Glycerin
    • Homemade Rose Oil if you have dark spots on your face
  • If you look for expensive essential oils to make the anti aging serums at home, it doesn’t really make sense. Instead of paying too much to buy essential oils, you can just go for an anti aging serum.
  • Wash your face and pat it dry before you apply any serum.
  • Apply no more than a few drops. Too much serum may harm your skin.
  • Unless you have excessively oily skin, apply moisturizer after serum.
  • Night is the best time to apply the serum. If not serums, you can also use homemade anti aging night creams

Have you decided what anti aging serum you are making at home? Tell us what your favorite anti aging serum is!

In case, you are not the person who will take all these troubles to make a serum at home, you can buy the best serums available in the market!

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