Home Remedies to Firm Sagging Breasts

Every woman loves the perfectly shaped breasts. You have to agree that the breasts call all the attention just for a moment when you step out wearing a hugging dress! Oh yes, you cannot deny it. However, breasts don’t remain firmer always! Sagging breasts is very commonly seen in many women, yet it is a nightmare.

Sagging breasts happens to every woman in her mid to late 30s due to aging factor. Alarmingly, in some cases, teens and young girls not older than 25 years tend to develop sagging breasts! Finding the exact cause of sagging is almost half victory! Eliminating the cause itself prevents further sagginess of breasts.

How to firm sagging breasts with home remedies

Going under a knife is not just a viable solution for sagging breasts. You can easily firm the sagginess of your bosoms with simple home remedies, exercises and some changes in your daily habits. Sagging breasts is caused by a number of factors. Before you look at the remedies for sagging breast, you should know what causes sagging breast. It is caused by a numerous factors from aging to certain medical conditions.

Give your breasts a natural lift!! But first identify what’s causing your sagging breasts!

Causes of Sagging Breasts -with easy solutions for prevention

Gaining some good understanding about what causes sagging breasts help you avoid the same in future as well as you can help your friends by sharing this crucial information with them!

Aging and Sagging Breasts

Your age! Okay, age is the primary cause of sagging breasts. Aging is natural. Aging gracefully is a gift. If you want that gift, you should stick to certain healthy practices. So, the gift is limited. Everyone loses the firmness in breasts, for aging is unavoidable. As you grow old, the elasticity of tissue tends to lose and stretch overtime.  When you are young, your body repairs and replenishes the damaged cells very quickly. This phase of repairing gets delayed due to aging and it leads to sagginess.

So, what to do! Until you look like in your 30s when you are in 40s or 50s (that’s a powerful anti aging regimen), you cannot expect anything quicker to firm your sagging breasts. Know How to Slow Down the Process of Aging and follow the regimen religiously!

You age faster: General acceleration of aging that reflects on your body. Simply, your lifestyle is tampered with and you don’t follow healthy diet.

Eat healthy and do some workouts to keep yourself physically active. Keep your mind fresh. You can delay aging. 

Ill Fit Bra leads to Sagging Breasts

You wear a wrong bra: More than 60 % of women population across the world wear wrong bra. Wrong bra refers to wrong size of the bra, wrong cup size and wrong fabric. While many go right with size and fabric, the cup size is always overlooked. Choosing the right cup size gives your breast full support and doesn’t hurt your shoulder. This is the major area where most women go wrong. Next time when you shop for brassiere, get your cup size measured and choose the accurate one!

And yes, this is one of the effective remedies to firm sagging breasts! A full support bra with right cup size keeps the bosoms in place.

Sagging Breasts during and after Pregnancy

You are pregnant: Bliss of pregnancy always accompanies some nuisances. Your breasts become tender and saggy when you are pregnant. It is due to hormonal changes.

You don’t need any remedy for sagging breast during pregnancy. After pregnancy, do some breast firming exercises and there you are!

You are lactating mother: Okay, you knew it. When you breastfeed your baby, the size as well appearance of the breasts vary constantly. Until you breastfeed, your breast remain tender, saggy and sometimes very heavy.

No treatment is required. You can do some simple exercise to firm sagging breast once you stop breastfeeding.

Dehydration too Causes Sagging Breasts

Dryness and Dehydration: This is one of the major causes of sagging breasts. The tissues and muscles of the breasts tend to stretch sooner when they are dry or dehydrated. The logic behind this is very simple. When you drink water, your skin remains moistened, when you don’t, it doesn’t! Besides, people with dry skin develop aging signs early at younger age. When you don’t drink enough water, it leads to sagging breasts.

Massage your breasts with oil and drink enough water.

Menopause leads to Sagging Breasts

Menopause: Just like puberty, menstruation and childbirth, menopause also involves hormonal fluctuations, which makes the breasts saggy.

There is nothing you can do to prevent sagging breasts due to menopause except doing some simple exercises to firm your breasts.

Gravity makes your Breasts Saggy

Gravity: Yes, gravity! Gravitational force, so you had no idea about the gravitational force making your breasts sagging.

Is there anything you can do about this? Think Newton!

A right bra that pulls up your special organ may keep them away from gravitational force!

Fluctuation in Hormones and Sagging Breasts

Hormonal Changes: Many hormones love women and they revolve around women like anything! The hormones keep most of the functions intact.

Think about puberty! You start secreting estrogen, where the breast grows.

Think about pregnancy! You experience roaring hormones, which impact the breast size and shape.

Think about menopause! It is always accompanied with aging signs and you tend to develop sagging breasts.

Keep hormonal levels intact and take appropriate measures to address hormonal fluctuations.

Abnormal Weight Fluctuations may give you Sagging Breasts

Rapid weight loss or weight gain: If you gain weight or lose weight at a fast pace, your breasts sag due to abnormal changes in the body fat levels. It will be worse in case of rapid weight loss. So, if you are planning for weight loss, think about doing some pectoral exercises to firm your breasts and avoid sagginess. You drop two to three sizes of your breast for every 2 to 5 kg.

Always go for slow paced weight loss focusing on long term results.

Low Immunity Diseases cause Sagginess in Breasts

Respiratory problems: If you have any chronic respiratory illness, say asthma or have the history of getting respiratory problems very often (due to allergy) it affects your breast tissues. Frequent cold, chronic sinusitis, any malfunction with lungs, etc.

Improve your immunity to combat respiratory illness.

Bigger Size of Breasts make them Saggy

Large Breasts: If your breast size is big or larger than normal, you are more likely to develop sagging breasts soon, even before you reach 30s. So, you need proper care to make sure you prevent breast sagginess.

Wear right size and right shape bra.

Lack of Protein may cause Sagginess in Breasts

Protein Deficiency: If you lack proteins or suffer from protein deficiency, your breast muscles loses the firmness and tend to sag.

The solution is simple, eat proteins. 

These were some common cause of breast sagging and you can easily reverse the sagginess by taking the right measure. There are many more things that help you give a natural breast lift. Here are some natural remedies for saggy breasts.

Home Remedies to Firm Sagging Breasts and Natural Breast Lift

Weight Loss

Just like tummy, breast stores more fat especially if you are obese or overweight. When you gain more weight, the extra calories and extra fat get deposited in your belly, breast, butt, and face. Breast and face are two common areas that invite fat deposits. So, you should lose weight to reduce fat deposits.

Too much fat in your breasts make it very heavy. Literally, it attracts more gravitational force, which worsens the sagginess of breasts.

  • Plan for healthy weight loss.
  • Try to get some physical activity like walking or jogging or running or yoga or any kind of workouts for 30 minutes a day.
  • Try to lose no more than 2 to 3 pounds a week. Remember abruptly losing weight may give your breasts more sagginess.
  • Walking burns more fat and running burns more calories. Go for something that comforts you.
  • If you regularly (everyday without fail) do any workout (walking or something) within a week, you will notice the changes in your sagging breasts. Of course, if you don’t compensate your exercising phases with fried and junk foods!
  • When the size of breasts reduce, it becomes slightly firmer.
  • Massage and wear supportive bra to make it firm and hold in place.

When you do any workout, wear sports bra to support your actions. Inner-wear that doesn’t support dropping breasts may not provide effective results.

  • Avoid doing anything that may lead to rapid weight loss.
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour a day is the ideal workout time. Of course, don’t consider it workout.

Regardless of home remedies you try to firm sagging breasts, wear supportive bra.

Breast Massage to Firm Sagging Skin

Massaging the breasts is quite advantageous to treat sagging or saggy breasts. Massage generally improves blood circulation and strengthens the muscles. The similar concept works here.

Breast massage and belly massage almost works in a similar structure. However, you can use many ingredients or remedies to massage breasts. Massage generates heat internally, which activates the saggy tissues and ligaments. Anti aging effects of massage on skin and body help you keep yourself younger for longer. The quick and adequate blood flow rejuvenates the cells. All these strengthen the breasts, which prevents sagginess of breasts. Besides, it also improves the shape of the breasts.

How to massage your breasts

Okay! Massage firms the breast. Yet, how to do it? You should follow certain directions in massaging the breasts.

  1. Always do upward massage. Whether it is facial massage or breast massage or back massage, you should do upward massage to tighten the muscles and skin tissues.
  2. Downward massage is just applicable when you are draining your lymph nodes, the elimination of excessive fluids in the body.

Basic Ingredients you can use to massage the breasts

  • Any moisturizing lotion (if you suffer from dryness)
  • Coconut oil – a natural skin moisturizer
  • Olive oil – doesn’t make the massage too slippery
  • Vitamin E oil – an anti aging ingredient for sagging tissues.

Special ingredients to use for breast massage that restores the firmness in breasts

Essential Oils: Essential oils contain rejuvenating properties. They help regaining the skin elasticity and make the breasts firm. Some of the essential oils you can use include,

  • Peppermint oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Fennel seed oil
  • Lemongrass oil etc

If you have any dry or fresh aromatic herbs, infuse the herbs in vitamin E oil or olive oil. If you use vitamin E oil, infuse it for 3 to 5 days, extract the oil and use it. If you use olive oil, you can boil the mix, filter the mix and use it. This is an easy homemade essential oil.

Massage breast from sides to mid of the chest
  • Place your palms or fingers at either of the breasts.
  • Gently run the fingers from external part to middle of the chest.
  • Press it gently in the initial stages.
  • Press your fingers deeply after rubbing it two or three times mildly.
  • You can do both the sides simultaneously.
  • Repeat the movement for 2 or 3 minutes.
Upward massage
  • Place your palms below the breast.
  • Massage the breast upwards.
  • Use strong and deep movements to stimulate the saggy tissues.
  • Run your fingers from beneath your breasts to the upper part of the breast.
  • Massage up to the chest area, covering the full bosoms.
  • Put deep and intense pressure for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • It also strengthens your hands.

Other massage techniques:

  • Massage the breastbone in the chest area.
  • Lift the sagging breast and hold it straight for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Hold left breast and rub your hands diagonally from right bottom to left top and vice versa. (run your fingers through the middle of the chest firmly)

Ice Packs or Massage for Natural Breast Lift

Ice packs are really helpful for sagginess and an easy home remedy to firm sagging breasts. Ice packs are generally used to make the skin firmer. Ice massage or ice packs tone the breast cells and muscles. You can try it twice everyday for 2 or 3 minutes.

How to apply ice to firm sagging breasts?

Ice cubes. Just an ice cube and run it on your breasts, in upwards motion. Do it for no more than 3 minutes.

Ice pack: If you cannot tolerate the chillness of ice on the breasts, wrap the ice in a cloth and massage it on the breasts.

Crushed ice: Crush a few ice cubes and wrap it in a soft cloth. Place the cloth on the breasts for a few minutes.

Frozen cloth: Wet a soft clean cloth and freeze it. Place the frozen cloth on your breasts. Remove it when the temperature reduces.

Some tips on applying ice pack for sagging breasts

  • Don’t apply too much ice on breasts.
  • You may develop cold or it may lead to temporary numbness in your breasts.
  • Using too much ice make it resistant to ice pack and won’t be effective for long.
  • Wash your breasts before applying ice pack.
  • Apply some hot oil or wash again with warm water after ice pack.

Firming or Tightening Breast Masks for Sagging Breasts

There are many wonderful ingredients you can use to firm the sagging breasts. Following are some of the simple breast packs and masks to tighten the saggy breasts. These breast masks give a natural lift to your breasts.

Egg Mask for an Instant Lift

You know how an egg mask is one of the best home remedies for skin tightening. Eggs have been used as a popular skin tightening face pack to make the skin firmer. It also uplifts the breast by making it firmer and tightened. Do it twice or thrice a week for best results.

Things you need:

Egg whites – 5 to 8 eggs depends upon the size of your breasts

How to create egg mask:
  • Separate egg whites from the yolk
  • Just blend it for a few seconds using a spoon. Don’t whisk it.
  • Apply the white on your breast, covering the whole breast.
  • Wash it with warm or cold water after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You can feel tightening of the skin.
  • This gives you an instant breast lift.

Red Sand Mask for Longer Results

Red sand has been used for ages to tighten the loose tissues and muscles. Use of red sand is very popular in Ayurvedic remedies to reduce the belly fat. Red sand is easily available. You can also buy it in stores.

Things you need:

3 – 4 spoons red sand and water

How to make red sand mask:
  • Mix water and red sand to get a fine paste.
  • You can make it slightly watery.
  • Instead of water, you may also add rose water.
  • Apply the paste on your breasts and the chest.
  • You will feel the tightening effect of the red sand as it dries.
  • Wash it with warm water or cold water after it is dried.

Aloe Vera Gel – A rejuvenating breast pack

This is very simple remedy to firm the sagging breast. Aloe vera gel holds numerous healing properties. It reduces the aging signs, treats and delays aging with powerful antioxidants. Aloe vera contains skin tightening effect and boosts the production of collagen which retains skin elasticity.

Just extract the fresh aloe vera gel and apply on breasts. You can leave it overnight or for a couple of hours and wash it.

Exercises to Firm Sagging Breasts at Home

Just like you tone your body, get rid of the extra flab and bulges in your belly, you can tone your breasts with exercises. The best way to firm sagging breasts is doing some exercises, with a focus on weight training as well muscle strengthening exercises. You don’t need to hit the gym and do regular workouts with specific focus on saggy breasts. You can do it at home.

Upper body exercises help you get firmer breasts. Most of the exercises help you strengthen your arms and shoulders, beyond firming the sagged or sagging breasts.

Exercises are good to tone and firm sagging breasts if you are already managing the ideal weight (just a couple of kilos extra doesn’t matter). Exercises help you lose weight if you are obese, which is also a cause of sagging breasts.

Pushups for a natural breast lift

Pushups aren’t a men thing! You could have seen men in your family doing the pushups every morning immediately after they wakeup. Even you can do it! Pushups tone the upper body. Get the clue from men and give your breasts a natural lift.

How do to pushups?

Push-ups to firm sagging breasts

  • Lie on the floor facing the floor.
  • Keep your hands slightly away from your shoulders.
  • Keep your body straight.
  • Extend your arms and slowly raise your body.
  • Press the floor with your palms to get support.
  • Slowly lower your body and touch the floor.
  • Repeat it any number of times you can! (No more than 5 to 10 times you can do in the initial days)

Some tips about doing pushups to firm the saggy breasts

  • If you cannot raise the full body and support with your foot and palm, raise upper body. It is similar to doing a cobra pose.
  • Do 5 pushups in a very slow pace and 5 pushups in a fast pace. This makes one set of pushups. You can do two or three sets every day.
  • As a variation to pushups, keep your arms wider than shoulders.
  • Wear something comfortable. Make sure the floor is dry, just to avoid slips.

Chest Fly

This is a very simple exercise for sagging breasts. It tones the muscles in your arms, shoulders and breasts. This is nothing but modification of weight lifting. If you don’t have weights, use frozen water bottles of equal size and shape. You can go with 1 liter or 2 liters water bottle.

How to do chest fly?

Chest-fly to firm sagging breasts

  • Lie flat on your back on the floor.
  • The weight you carry in your hands should be around 1 kg to 3 kgs. No less or no more.
  • Take the dumbbells or bottles in your hand. Hold it firmly.
  • Bend your hands at elbows
  • Raise your hands above your chest and make sure that both bottles meet each other.
  • Hold it for a few seconds and gently lower your arms, in line with your trunk.
  • Don’t place the hands on the floor, keep it slightly above the floor.
  • Hold in this position for 10 to 20 counts or you can repeat it.
  • Raise your arms, bring the hands above the chest and lower it, this makes a circle.
  • Repeat two sets of 10 circles.

You can do it with ease. Just make sure that the weight you carry is comfortable.

Wall Push

The name says it all! It is a wall push. Push the wall with your maximum strength you can. It is a very simple exercise that tones your upper body. It strengthen your hands, shoulders, chest and breast tissues.

How to do wall push?

Wall-push to firm sagging breasts

  • Stand straight before a wall.
  • The distance from the wall to you should be the length of your arms.
  • Place your palm on the wall and adjust the position you stand.
  • Make sure the distance is comfortable.
  • Press your palms firmly against the wall.
  • Stand slightly bent, just like pushing the wall.
  • Don’t bend or move your knees.
  • Push hard as far as you can. Don’t worry, you won’t damage the wall!

Do it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Arm Raise with Weight

You can use water bottles or any mini pillow sized books. Do you remember the basic physical workout, where you raise and lower your arms at the count of 1 to 4 in your school? This is exactly the same thing, but with weight!

How to do it?

Arm-raise to firm sagging breasts

  • Take equal weight books or water bottle (fill water).
  • Stand straight.
  • Extend your arms in tact with the shoulder line – count 1
  • Raise your arms about the head – count 2
  • Bring your arms in front of the chest – count 3
  • Put your arms down – count 4
  • Do 10 sets.

When you do any exercise to firm breast, make sure to wear sports bra.

Simple exercises to firm sagging breasts

Exercise 1: Say Namaskar with Hands
  • Stand straight.
  • Raise your arms above your head and join both palms just exactly above the head. (Do namaskar mudra)
  • Hold it firmly and stand erect for a minute.
Exercise 2: Backward Bending
  • Stand straight.
  • Hold your hips / back with your palms.
  • Gradually bend backwards to the maximum extent possible.
  • Hold for 10 to 30 counts, return back to normal position.

You can do this as an extension of the above exercise. As you hold your arms above your head, gradually bend backwards without moving the palms.

Exercise 3: Alternate Leg Raise

Leg raise is an easy exercise. However, to firm your breasts, you should elevate your legs to shoulder level.

  • Stand straight.
  • Extend right hand before you, keeping it in line with your shoulder.
  • Raise right leg and try to touch the hand without moving your hand.
  • Alternatively, you can mark the spot on a wall make sure that the hand is extended in the right pace.
  • Repeat it with other leg.
  • Remember to raise the legs above your hips. You can feel your breast is compressed when you raise your leg.
  • Do this for 10 or 20 sets.

You can do a combination of all these exercises once or twice a day. On whole, it won’t consume more than 15 or 20 minuses. As an added benefit, you can get additional weight loss benefits.

Busting some BIG Myths about Firming Sagging Breasts

What do you want to hear when it comes to firm sagging breasts? Do you want to hear something about the cosmetic solutions and creams that could come handy to save your sagging breasts?

Sorry, if this is what you want to hear, you are really helpless. With good exercises and lifestyle changes, you can get back the firm bosoms. Here are some popular myths revolving around how to firm sagging breasts.

Myth 1: Exercises will further aggravate the droop

That’s a very common myth about sagging breasts. In fact, many exercises really help in toning the breast tissues and firm the saggy breasts. Yet, chest exercises can really help but to a certain point. You will get a natural breast lift to a certain point where the breasts return to the previous height!

Myth 2: Breasts sag because you bounce and workout too much

The reason behind sagging breast is lack of support from connective tissues and ligaments. It is like rubber band losing the elasticity. The ligaments tend to stretch overtime (due to various reasons) and it leads to sagging breasts. It is not caused just because you are active, you dance, you run or you workout a lot!

Myth 3: Breast size remains the same

This is quite an absurd statement or opinion about breasts. Size of breasts keep changing with age, weight and other factors. Many reasons affect the size of breasts. Pregnancy, childbirth, lactating, hormone problems, weight loss or weight gain, etc influence the size of the breasts.

Myth 4: Only implants can give you a lift

It is a false statement allegedly promoted to publicize implants. Implants certainly give fuller shape to the breasts, but it doesn’t address the saggy breasts or natural life. Implants only matter about the size with no relevance to breast lift.

Lifestyle Changes for Natural Breast Lift and Firm Sagging Breasts

There are many small reasons that lead to major changes, affecting the skin, muscles, and ligaments and tissues.

  • Lose weight and stay in good shape. A good physique is essential to manage good shaped breasts. Are you gaining weight? Here is the simple trick to identify!

Check if your bra becomes somewhat tight to too tight. If you feel your brassiere is tight, your breast size is increased and you are in the verge of gaining weight! (Unless you are not pregnant)

  • Wear right size bra and appropriate bra. If you are lactating, go for special lactating bras. If you are pregnant, wear pregnancy bras. If you gain or lose weight, change the size of your innerwear that fits you perfectly.
  • Sleep on your back. Sleeping on your sides adds pressure to one breast and develops aging signs and sagging quickly. This is the major reason where you see one breast appears more saggy or sagging.
  • Munch on healthy foods. Regardless of health condition you suffer from, whether it is physical health or mental health or related to your beauty, base your remedies and treatments with healthy diet.
  • Eat one pomegranate a day! You don’t know much your body needs pomegranate. It is an elixir of youth. It provides you vital nutrients and micro nutrients to firm the sagging breasts and an overall rejuvenation. It is in fact, one of the top 10 anti aging fruits!
  • Check if you have any nutritional deficiency. Avoid exposing to aging triggers like smoking, consumption of foods loaded with transfats (deep fried foods, foods with preservatives, etc)

If you want to get a natural breast lift to firm sagging breasts, follow these. Involve in some physical activity daily to tone your whole body!

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