Effective and Easy Home Remedies for Skin Tightening

It won’t be wrong to say that our skin is, in deed, the most durable organ of all. For any one who has doubts about it, must keep in mind that every moment poses a new challenge in its way.

So, from the moment you step out in the sun to that stroll to a supermarket in vicinity, your skin battles UV rays, pollutants and dirt, not to mention the harmful ingredients that are found in make-up and everyday cosmetics. It goes through a lot, saving you from infections and maintaining body temperature.

For years, it endures all this and more, healing itself. However, there comes a time when aging sets in. With age, the skin starts to become thinner, paler and more on the translucent side. Strength and elasticity is reduced as sebaceous (sweat) glands produce less sweat resulting in dryness. Though many studies have proven that skin changes are related to environmental factors, genes, nutrition and lifestyle, after a certain point in one’s life, aging is considered inevitable.

However, since aging is a natural process, it is best battled with the help of nature.

Skin Tightening Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Skin Tightening

There are many natural ingredients that have been bestowed with anti-aging properties. Even though the market is flooded with creams and gels and various ointments that claim to cure skin aging, for long-lasting results, one must trust natural home remedies. These are extremely effective and in addition, are free from any side effects, whatsoever.

Read on to know some of the most trusted and popular home remedies for skin tightening. They are 100% natural and it has been proven that they have worked for many as they will work for you!

There is nothing like Egg White for Skin Tightening

If you didn’t already know this one, it must be a revelation. We have all known eggs as a rich source of protein. For all those who work out gobble up egg whites no end, to have an adequate protein content in their body. So, it is not just your muscles that need egg white, your skin could use this miracle ingredient, too.

What makes eggs great for skin tightening are its rich proteins, which repair tissue and promote the growth of new cells.

There is also a significant amount of Potassium content in egg white that hydrates and moisturizes the skin cells. In addition, it also locks in the moisture and keeps the skin cells plump. Dryness is one of the biggest factors that lead to aging and potassium addresses it aptly.

Egg white also contains Riboflavin that eliminates free radicals that have a cell-damaging property. It is these free radicals that create wrinkles. Lastly, egg whites also have Magnesium that boosts the natural radiance of the skin and keeps a check on the aging process. All these properties make eggs one of the best anti aging home remedies

For all those who lead a hectic life and don’t have time, can go ahead and just apply egg white on their face and wash it off in 15 minutes. However, for others who can spare some moments, given below are some home made Skin Tightening remedies, which are easy to make and are wonderful for the skin.

Egg White Skin Firming Mask

Homemade Egg White, Lemon and Honey Mask

Egg white mixed with lemon and honey makes for a nourishing face mask. It not only moisturizes the skin but also removes its blemishes and age spots. This is how you create this amazing concoction that your skin will truly love:

Get this:

  1. Egg white- from 1 egg
  2. Lemon juice- 1 tsp
  3. Honey- ½ tsp
  4. Lukewarm water
  5. Cotton ball

Do this:

  • Grab a clean mixing bowl. In it, whisk the egg white, one teaspoon of lemon juice till the mixture looks frothy.
  • To this, add half a teaspoon of honey and mix well.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water to open up clogged pores.
  • Use a cotton ball, wet it a little and apply the mixture evenly on your face and neck. Don’t forget the back of the neck.
  • Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes.

After the mixture has completely dried on your face, gently wash it off. Massage a little, in gentle circular motion, as you remove it from your face. Pat your face dry with a soft face towel.
Look in to the mirror and say hello to a baby soft skin that has shed a lot of dry cells as well as years!

Use Natural Avocado Fats for Tightening your Aging Skin

Imagine adding to all the protein in egg white, a huge dose of vitamins and natural fats found in avocado. This is not just a hydrating mask, it replenishes the skin to the deepest layer, feeding it with all the moisture and nutrients that it has been craving for, making it tighter and smoother. Making this mask is as easy as it is effective.

Skin Tightening Avocado Mask with Egg White

Get this:

  1. Avocado- 1
  2. Egg white- of 1 egg
  3. Yogurt- 1 tsp

Do this:

  • Take a clean mixing bowl. Mash the avocado until it turns into a paste, which is easily applicable.
  • Now add 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon yogurt to avocado paste and mix well.
  • Using clean fingers apply a thick coat of the mixture on your face. Make sure that the mix is evenly applied.
  • Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry with a towel. Touch your smooth and supple skin that has its youthful glow back!

The Sweet Skin Tightening Effects of Honey

Another natural ingredient for Skin tightening is honey. It not only moisturizes the skin but also draws out all the impurities and toxic agents from it. It also kills bacteria and removes skin blemishes and age spots. What more could we ask for? What also makes it a brilliant is the ease with which it can be used at home.

Quite like egg white, it can simply be applied to the skin. In just about 10 minutes, you can wash it off and feel that soft texture of your skin, looking all young and heavily moisturized.

In addition, there are many honey masks and face packs that can be prepared in a matter of a minute but take away years from your skin. One such face mask uses honey with banana. Along with the principle ingredient Honey, this one has other power ingredients like banana and lemon. Before getting this face pack recipe for skin tightening, lets know how banana tightens your skin!

Tasty Treat of Banana to Tighten Your Skin

While banana is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, E and Potassium, lemon contains citric juice which works on dark spots and age blemishes. Talking about individual properties of Vitamins, Vitamin A, it lightens age spots and smoothens the rough skin. Vitamin B reduces dryness and delays aging. Vitamin E, also known as the protector, fights free radicals and increases the skin’s UV resistance, tightens it thus, keeps ageing away.

Moisture-loaded Skin Tightening Honey Banana Face Pack

Get this:

  1. Ripe banana- 1
  2. Honey- 1 tsp
  3. Lemon juice- 1tsp

To top it all, this face pack is ready in just some simple steps

Do this:

  • Take a small mixing bowl. Put 1 ripe banana in it and mash it with the help of a fork.
  • Now mix in 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice and blend the ingredients thoroughly.
  • Wash your face and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Using gentle circular movements of your fingers, apply the mask on your face and neck.
  • Since this face pack is thick in texture, make sure it spreads evenly. Also, don’t forget to apply a thick layer as some of it is going to be absorbed by your skin.
  • Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes. Loosen your facial muscles and relax.
  • After 15 minutes, wash it off. Remove banana lumps gently. Don’t use any face wash after this one.

It is going to give you a natural sheen to your skin. It will feel so young and radiant; you are totally going to forget all about aging. Make sure you use this one regularly, at least once a week, though it is great for those evenings too, when you are stepping out dinner and don’t have time for a facial!

Humble Fuller’s Earth for Effective Skin Tightening

One of the biggest causes for sagging and dull skin is less flow of blood to the facial tissues. The next face pack enhances skin tightening because of its miraculous ingredients like Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Yogurt. Multani Mitti improves blood circulation and channelizes it towards the face. However, if you have a very sensitive skin, you can easily substitute it with glycerin.

Since this face pack has Yogurt, it effectively removes skin blemishes and cleanses its deepest cells. Add half a tablespoon of sugar for gentle exfoliation and removal of dead cells.

Here is how to prepare this anti-ageing face pack:

Honey, Yogurt, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) Skin Tightening Face Mask

Get this

  1. Fuller’s Earth- 1 tbsp
  2. Glycerin (optional, needed for dry skin)- ½ tbsp
  3. Yogurt- 2 tbsp
  4. Honey- 1 tbsp

Do this:

  • Get a clean mixing bowl and put one tablespoon Multani Mitti in it. For dry skin, add half-tablespoon glycerin.
  • Now add 2-tablespoon yoghurt and one-tablespoon honey.
  • Mix the ingredients well. If you are using Multani Mitti, make sure there are no lumps in the mixture.
  • Apply this mixture evenly on your face and neck. Make sure that you loosen your facial muscles and just sit back and relax.
  • Leave it on for about 15 minute. Let it dry evenly. Wash it off gently and pat dry your face with a soft face towel.

You have just revealed a younger, tighter and visibly clearer skin.
All naturally!

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