Home Remedies for Pigmentation of the Skin

Hyperpigmentation or Pigmentation of the skin leaves certain brown spots on face and sometimes on hands and shoulders too. This is because these parts of our body get more exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Sunrays activate the secretion of melanin – the skin pigment responsible for the color of the skin. These dark spots are sometimes also called age spots because with age too, melanin secretion gets irregular leaving more of the skin pigments at certain sensitive areas namely the face, hands and shoulders. While you can always hide your brown spots on shoulders and to some extent on hands but you cannot do so with the pigmentation of the skin. Either you have to live with it or you must remove age spots with the help of various pigmentation treatments. Today’s beauty cosmetics market provides you with a lots of options when it comes to pigmentation removal creams and lotions. However, they are costly as well as some of them might be harmful due to use of various chemicals etc. A safe way to get rid of the pigmentation of the skin is home treatment- the home remedies for pigmentation on face!

Home Remedies for Pigmentation on Face

Brown Age Spots- Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation on Face

It really pains when you have a clear skin all over your face but some dark spots show on your cheeks or around the nose. Its better to get rid of brown spots as soon as they start showing up because that’s the time when the home remedies are most effective on the pigmentation of the skin. However, even if your age spots on face have been there for a while now, you can always rely on these home remedies for pigmentation. The only thing is that you might need to work harder and adopt more than one of these home remedies to get rid of pigmentation on your face!

Home Treatments for Pigmentation on the Skin with Natural Bleaching Agents

As we all know, bleaching will make your skin look lighter and so, the first home remedy for pigmentation on skin includes natural bleaching of the areas having dark age spots.

Potatoes Home Remedy for Skin PigmentationRaw Potatoes– Slice them in roundels and place them on your face where you have dark spots. If you find it difficult to place them on face, you can even take out the juice of raw potatoes and with the help of cotton balls, apply this on the brown spots. Potato is a very good natural bleaching agent and it will lighten up the skin pigmentation. You must do this daily till you see your brown spots fading away.


Lemon Juice Home Remedies for Skin PigmentationLemon Juice– Lime juice is again a very good bleaching agent. In fact, it is the most trusted pigment removal therapy in various Asian countries and now almost everyone has accepted it as one of the best anti aging home remedies. You can mix lime juice with turmeric powder so that too much acid doesn’t harm your skin. Turmeric also provides a natural glow to your face.


Orange Peel Home Remedy for Skin PigmentationOrange Peel– It is a very old beauty treatment to get glowing skin. Dry some orange peels in shade- you might have to leave them for a couple of days so that they dry out completely. Now ground up these dried orange peels and store the powder. Mixed a little amount of this orange peel powder with water and apply to your age spots daily.


Tomatoes– Get some fresh tomatoes and grate them. Now mix this with a few drops of lemon juice and apply on the brown spots of the face for about 15-20 minutes. You can do this twice a day for about twenty days.


Home Made Face Masks for Pigmentation of the Skin

Here are some home made facial masks to get rid of brown age spots due to pigmentation of the skin.

  • Take one teaspoon each of milk powder, honey, and lemon juice. Add half a teaspoon of almond oil to these ingredients. Apply the mask on face, let it be there for about twenty minutes and rinse. This lightens the tanned skin due to UV rays to make your face skin glow.
  • Take oatmeal, milk, and brown sugar in equal quantities and make a paste. Apply on dark spot fifteen minutes and wash off. You can even mix oatmeal with curd and tomato juice to get rid of your skin pigmentation.
  • Soak a handful of almonds overnight. In the morning, peel them and grind into a paste with help of milk. Apply this to the dark patches on your face due to pigmentation of the skin.
Home Made Face Masks for Skin Pigmentation

Home Made Face Masks for Skin Pigmentation

  • Take one tablespoon of gram flour, two to three teaspoons of fresh milk, and a few drops of lime juice and mix. Apply this mixture on the brown age spots on skin and leave for about 20 minutes. Wash off. Repeat this daily for four weeks and thereafter do it once a week to prevent further pigmentation of the skin.

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