Home Remedies for Constipation

One who suffers from this can never underestimate the discomforts associated with constipation! And why not? After all, nothing can be worse (and unhealthy) than the inability to eliminate feces!

Although there are many reasons for constipation, improper food habits and incorrect lifestyle are the two major causes of constipation. But the good news is that there are plenty of home remedies for constipation and you can get rid of it easily just if you have a will to do this!

But why on earth should you try to use home remedies to get rid of constipation?

Because constipation is harmful in more than one way!


How harmful is constipation?

“What harm is there when I don’t excrete well?”

That’s what is asked by many!

Constipation is quite easily dismissed as a very minor problem and often overlooked by such people. However, it can have really serious impact on your health, if not now, then over a long term.

According to experts, constipation is the trigger that invites a lots of health conditions.

  • It affects your health;
  • makes you feel awkward;
  • impacts the quality of life;
  • induces stress;
  • diminishes the sense of good health and well being;
  • in fact, constipation is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom of something that’s not going well inside you!
  • Constipation tells you that you are accumulating toxins within yourself.

Acute vs Chronic Constipation

Constipation can be acute or chronic.

Acute constipation begins suddenly and may last for only a few days. This happens when you suddenly become inactive or dehydrated or go on some medication. Even pregnant women can experience acute constipation. Elderly people, who are not so active now as well as cannot have more fiber in their diet also suffer from such constipation.

Chronic constipation, on the other hand, is when you experience difficult, infrequent, or perceived incomplete evacuation of bowel movements, sometimes for months and years together. You might have less than three bowel movements a week and may need to strain a lot to evacuate hard stools.

Acute or chronic, there are many home remedies for constipation that can help you get rid of one of the worst kinds of human sufferings. Try the following home remedies for constipation.

Home Remedies for Constipation

1.     Drink Water – it’s the Best Remedy for Constipation

Everyone says, drink water and drink more water. Why? Have you realized yet?

Not drinking sufficient water causes chronic constipation. Yes, dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation.

Constipation is directly related to dryness of stools in colon. Water makes your intestines and GI tract soft, flexible and smooth. What you eat find its way to the colon from the stomach. When the digestive organs are not properly hydrated, colon tries to absorb the water from the food and the food waste, (which is excreted as feces). This makes it too hard to excrete.

Drinking more water is the primary remedy to constipation. You may also consider taking other fluids too, in addition to water.

  • Start and end your day with a glass of warm water
  • Drink a glass or two of water on an empty stomach, every morning (if you can’t have warm water)
  • Drink a glass of water 20 to 30 minutes before meals (not immediately before meals)
  • Don’t replace water with juices to quench your thirst. Have juice or other healthy drinks as supplements and not alternative to water.

Drinking water is the primary home remedy for constipation. True and sometimes it may be sufficient to get rid of constipation. But sometimes it may not be so. For such conditions, there are other home remedies too like the next one, the cumin water.

2.     Cumin water is a good constipation remedy

Cumin is one of the humble spices that holds miraculous healing powers. It completely tones your whole body, more precisely the digestive organs. Even if you have any chronic constipation, you can rely on cumin water to get rid of it.

How to make cumin water for constipation

  • Boil water (preferably about 3 liters of water)
  • Add three to five teaspoons of cumin seeds to the water
  • Let it simmer for about 15 minutes
  • Put off the flame and let it cool down
  • Sieve and store the water in a clean container
  • Drink the water thorough the day

Besides, you can also chew a teaspoon of cumin seeds (raw) whenever possible. It is a preventive remedy for constipation.

3.     Switch to herbal tea and limit your caffeine intake to get rid of constipation

Tea and coffee are the most favorite drinks of the world, it seems. But is that good? Although caffeinated drinks like these seem to ease the process of passing stools, drinking too much coffee and tea make you lose more water through urine, leading to dehydration over time. Instead of tea and coffee, go for herbal teas. Of course, you can have 1 or 2 cups of your favorite drink in a day but not more than that. When you drink herbal tea, you not only get the goodness of herbs but also recover from constipation.

  • Go for mint and ginger tea. These two ingredients can alleviate a slew of health problems including constipation.
  • Dandelion tea is a natural laxative, have it for constipation.
  • Fennel tea and chamomile tea cleanses your colon, and move the stools down the intestines.

4.      Raisins – Classic Cure for Constipation

Raisins or the dry grapes have been used as one of the classic home remedies for constipation for ages. In fact, raisin is a natural laxative. It is rich in insoluble fiber that softens the dry stools and eases excretion. Besides, it also regulates your bowel movements.

How to use raisins for constipation

  • Take a cup of hot water
  • Soak two teaspoons of raisins in this hot water
  • Let it soak over night
  • Next morning, drink the water and chew the raisins on an empty stomach
  • Take it regularly for a minimum of 2 weeks to regulate your bowel movements

Sometimes, you may pass loose stools after taking raisins. Don’t panic. It is normal.

5.     Eat your leafy greens for lunch and forget constipation

Well, leafy greens are the world’s healthiest foods. They are natural laxatives too. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and high load of fiber, greens make a wonderful nutritious addition to your diet that might be leading to your constipation. In fact, mommies and grannies always insist on adding any type of leafy green a day for its nutritive value as well as fiber content.

But did you know, the greens may backfire and cause you constipation!

Well, how can that happen? If they are anti-constipation, how can leafy greens cause constipation?

This is because, greens need a lot of time for digestion.

So, the best time to eat leafy greens is during lunch.

If you eat greens in the evening or at night, it will disturb the excretion process and further aggravate your constipation. Eat your greens, everyday, but at noon, as a part of your midday meal.

Some of the best leafy greens for constipation cure include,

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Fenugreek leaves
  • Green leaves of cauliflower and radish

When you eat a lot of fiber, your body needs more water! So, drink more water and stay safe against constipation.

6.     Move your body if you want to get rid of constipation

Lack of physical exercises is the major trigger to constipation. Simply getting up from your couch and moving a bit than usual can help you get rid of constipation. Even 15 minutes walking can help your digestive system perform well and reduce constipation. You don’t need to do any vigorous workouts. Make it simple.

  • Walk
  • Take stairs
  • Park your car far away from shops and malls
  • Cycle instead of driving
  • Swim
  • Dance
  • Jump

Just move!

7.     Aloe Vera eliminates constipation

Aloe is a multifunctional ingredient, a miracle of nature, used to treat inflammation, arthritis, burns, rashes, acne and much more. One of the overlooked home remedies for constipation, it is aloe vera. In fact, the cooling and soothing effect of aloe vera can cure a lot of digestive disorders and not just constipation. Aloe gel glides into the stomach, softens the digestive lining, reduces inflammation (if any), loosens the stool and aids in excretion.

How to take aloe vera to cure constipation

  • Take 2 to 3 teaspoons freshly scooped out transparent white aloe vera gel (remember to separate the yellow gel part, it can lead to loose motions!)
  • You can add the gel in any juice or water
  • Consume it immediately

Buttermilk and aloe makes the ideal home remedy for constipation. Add your choice of herbs and spices (cilantro, ginger, mint leaves) in buttermilk and aloe gel. Blend it well and consume.

Aloe can cure long term and even chronic constipation.

8.     Ayurvedic Remedies for Constipation

Following are some of the ayurvedic home remedies for constipation.

  • Sweet flag or calamus- is a aromatic medicinal herb often used as a substitute for ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rub the sweet flag on a stone and mix the extract in a teaspoon of honey, consume it.
  • Store water in copper vessel over night and drink it in the morning.
  • Tripala powder – is the powder of three herbs (Amalaki, Bibhitaki and haritaki). Half a teaspoon of tripala powder at night keeps all the digestive disorders at bay, including constipation.
  • Castor oil – Add a teaspoon of castor oil in a glass of warm water or milk and drink at night. It makes a perfect detox.

The Key to Get Rid of Constipation

There are only three basic things needed to get rid of constipation.

  • Prevent dehydration
  • Get more fiber in your diet
  • Be physically active

Sometimes medications and stress may also trigger constipation. Talk to your doctor if it’s medicine that’s causing your constipation. And find ways to relax if it’s stress.

Also avoid taking heavy foods or large meals at night.

As long as you stay physically active and eat healthy, you will not get constipation.

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