7 Foods that Age you Faster

The rate at which you appear to age, is directly proportional to the amount of bad habits you have picked up including the wrong food habits that age you! Wrong foods, most of the times, are tastier and the only good they do is to your tongue. As far as other body parts are concerned, even your skin, they only cause harm to them. The foods that lead to glycation and inflammation are basically the foods that age you faster and make you look old!

Your lifestyle, how you take care of yourself and your body define how you are going to feel and look as you age. While a few instances of indulgence are helpful psychologically, a continuous consumption of such foods, surely takes its toll and gives you a an aged body, which in turn, makes you look and feel older than what you actually are. A few small amendments to your daily routine and diet can cause noticeable changes in your skin, and your health! One of these is to include good foods and avoid foods that age you and make you look older!

What does Good Food do to Keep your Body Young!

Good foods make your skin firm, make it look younger, clear off wrinkles, give it a fair appearance. It also does good to your health. When you eat good food, you feel energetic, have better stamina, and also a good heart that will support you in all your endeavors. These foods definitely make you feel fresh, young, and energetic. These foods can be called anti aging foods. Because we are going to discuss the foods that make you look older in this write-up, why don’t you read about these 7 best anti aging foods that make you feel younger!

Here we are talking about the bad foods- the foods that age you faster than you are meant to be!

Foods that age you faster

What are the Foods that Age you Faster!

This is the list of ‘forbidden fruits’ for you, only if you care about your skin and body and your health as a whole!

Sugar Makes you Age Faster!

Why does sugar make you look older? Because it triggers the process known as glycation. Just imagine that you have had a lots of desserts and cakes and puddings and other sweets at a party, thanks to your sweet tooth! Now what will happen? As you have consumed more sugar than your body cells can handle, the excessive sugar molecules will combine with proteins and create ‘Advanced Glycation End Products’ (AGEs). These AGES will then damage the collagen in your skin. If you don’t know what is collagen, know that it is the protein which keeps your skin firm and youthful. It is because of this collagen that your skin looks smooth and plump! So, when you eat too much of sugar, you will gradually make your skin older and start looking aged.
Apart from damaging collagen, sweets also sticks to your teeth and lead to tooth decay. With high digestion rate, sugar in sweets gets absorbed into your blood stream very rapidly, causing harm to your body. The high calorie content in sweet products also result in disruption of calorie absorption and burn cycle. When you don’t burn as much calories as you take in, it causes metabolic changes in your body and hence causes obesity and of course other diseases.


Even if you doesn’t want to discard sugar altogether, at least consume less of it. Start using honey or other natural sweeteners like maple syrup etc. In your teas and beverages. Restrict eating desserts to a day or two in a week, that too in small portions.

Alcohol Makes you look Older!

Alcohol has been popularly known for its liver damaging effects. Liver whose main function is to flush out toxins from your body, when damaged, leaves negative impact on every part of your body. You can visibly see swelling in your skin and may face such problems as acne and wrinkles. Inflammation and wrinkles are surely great signs of aging and thus there is no doubt that you should avoid having alcohol as it makes you look older.

Alcohol is also highly dehydrating. Dehydration, again as you know leads to skin wrinkling and all types of other health hazards. Further you might think that alcohol helps you sleep but in fact, it disrupts your sleep badly. Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of aging.

That’s not all, alcohol is also known to be detrimental to your brain. It interferes with brain’s communication pathways and affects its workings, causing you to lose concentration and blurred thinking, in long term. So, to protect your brain and overall health and to delay aging, quit drinking!

Charred Meat leads to Aging too!

You may be fond of your BBQ foods but if you are eating that charred meat, better be aware that it may make you look older! Whenever there is that burnt black char on your grilled food, be sure about it containing inflammation causing hydrocarbons. As you eat this charred meat, your skin will get inflamed, and inflammation breaks down that collagen in your skin which keeps it smooth, plump and youthful. Charring meat causes formation of AGEs, the same products that are created by excessive sugar. These AGEs only lead to the damage of collagen.

What more, grilled charred meat is also known for causing pancreatic cancer. A study says that well cooked food is different from highly grilled food. Too much of grilling creates chemicals like heterocyclic amines, due to burning of amino acids. These chemicals are known to cause cancer.


So what to do? Should you altogether say bye-bye to grilled meat and other grilled food? No, just scrape off the black thing present on your grilled food before you put it in your mouth. Also, do not forget to clean your griller properly by removing all the black things on it so that your future foods too remain safe and do not make you look swollen up and aged!

Processed Meat is one of Foods that Age you Faster!

Not only charred meat, even processed meat like Deli meat, sausage, and bacon too can make you age faster. They are loaded with sulfites and other preservatives that are known to cause inflammation in the skin and bring on signs of aging closer to your skin. High on salt, these processed meats also make you look puffy, another sure shot signal of an aged body. And as if these were not enough, processed red meats can also give you heart disease.


What to do then. Instead of deli meat, use chicken or turkey to make your sandwiches. If you become restless by not having these meats, have less of them and whenever having them in little quantities, have lots of veggies with them.

Processed Foods Makes you Look Older too!

Highly processed foods like potato chips and French fries as well as the processed carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and baked goods can damage your skin’s collagen to a great extent. And damaged collagen, as you now know, can’t resist wrinkles. You might be surprised to know that wheat contains a very unique type of carbohydrate known as Amylopectin-A. As found by some studies, this carbohydrate spikes your blood sugar and has worse effect than even table sugar. Thus, breads, bagels, cereals, muffins, and other baked goods often lead to higher blood sugar levels and excessive sugar then leads to creation of more AGEs that make you age faster.

Deep-fried foods lead to inflammation in whole of your body due to trans fats that can raise your LDL or the bad cholesterol levels and lower HDL or the good cholesterol. This increases your risk for heart disease, again a sign of aging.

And this is related to both- the processed carbohydrates and deep fried foods. The browned portion of baked products like breads, cereals, muffins, etc. have this carcinogenic chemicals called acrylamides that have been linked to possible increased risk of cancer and faster aging. Any browned carbohydrate sources including French fries have acrylamides so better avoid having them


The solution lies in having these processed foods only once in a while, say once in a month, and not to make them a must in your daily diet!

Spicy Food is also an Aging Food!

If you are a woman who is going through menopause, avoiding spicy food becomes all the more important for you. Spicy food leads to dilation of blood vessels, causing improper blood flow inside your body. This may make your skin look blotchy and dull. When you make a habit of having spicy food regularly, you may actually end up having permanent redness, puffiness, and spider veins. Spicy food is also not so good for your gastrointestinal tract. A little of spicy food in a while is all right to serve your taste buds but over indulgence is sure going to cause not only gastritis problems but also aging signs!

Caffeine Drinks Lead to Faster Aging!

Coffee, tea, soda or even energy drinks, anything containing caffeine is making your skin look aged. Caffeine, like other diuretics, make you excrete fluid. This dehydrates your body. So, not only does your skin look dull and aged, other organs inside your body too get affected. Water as you know is needed in higher amounts for all of your body!


Limit your intake of caffeinated drinks. And whatever small amount you might have been taking, have lots of water. Yes, that’s the only way to keep your body hydrated, drink lots of water. No beverage compares with water. Just water, it is the ultimate anti aging drink to make up the damage caused by caffeine!

Now you know, what all are the foods that age you faster! And now, it’s up to you whether you review your food habits to see if these aging foods are more often included in your daily diet and if you have a strong will to avoid these foods that make you look older!

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