Eyelash Extensions – Pros and Cons

Eyes are epitome of the face. The pair of beautiful eyes defines and enhances your facial appearance as well as provides you a stunning look. The dense, curly and lengthy eyelashes are an accentuating element to the facial beauty. Eye lash extensions are also referred as fake lashes and artificial lashes.

Not every girl is blessed with naturally thick, black and long eye lashes. There are many who hardly have any lashes on their eyelids. Eyelash extensions come handy to make you look gorgeous with vivid and bubbly eyes. The lashes influence your appearance a lot!

Lash extensions are applied both on upper lid and lower lid. However, lower lid lash extensions are used extensively by celebrities, artists, models, etc. to get a dramatic look. Beyond these, brides also wear upper and lower lash extensions.

Let’s explore whether a common woman like you and me too can have the luxury of using eye lash extensions!

Why Do you Need Eye Lash Extensions?

Simply, to accentuate your appearance! There is no doubt that long, think and slightly curved eye lashes elevate your beauty to a whole new level. You may not know how eyelashes impact your appearance. Just think about the celebrities with and without makeup! Even the classical dancers and artists wear the eye lash extensions to enhance their appearance.


Eye Lash Extensions increase the glamour quotient!

It is no wonder that eye lash extensions are popular among the celebrities and models as they effortlessly glam up the look.

They give absolute beauty to a bride’s eyes!

Regardless of wearing eye makeup, an eyelash extension sometime can be just essential. For instance, a bride certainly needs extensions of eyelashes if she doesn’t have naturally dense and long lashes.

Lash extensions are blessing for aged people!

With aging, thinning hair as well as thinning eyebrows become a regular feature. Eye lashes too are hair and their density decreases day by day as you age. This problem can be easily tackled by using eye lash extensions.

And they are boon to a busy or working women!

Not all women have sufficient time or even patience to get the eye makeup right, every day. In fact, you don’t even have the time to use eyelash curler to curve the natural lashes and apply mascara. Eye lash extensions, on the other hand, once done remains there for weeks! And if you get permanent eyelash extensions, you can be free from doing eye make up for a year or two!

So, it is not a surprise that lash extensions have grabbed a strong place with increasing popularity in the fashion industry as well as among the mass, in the past few years.

Types of Eye Lash Extensions- Differences, Benefits, Problems

While a few love to get dramatic eyes with eyelash extensions, there are few who often hesitate about wearing it. Eye lash extensions offer you a lot of benefits. However, there are some disadvantages too. If you decide to wear eyelash extensions, just for a party or any special occasion that lasts no more than 3 to 4 hours, you can simply go with any choice you prefer. But if you intend to wear it for the whole day, you must know what type of eye lash extension can you use to protect your eyes as well as be comfortable throughout the day.

Since the market for eye lash extensions are growing exponentially over the past few years, the need for variations arise based on personal preferences. As a result, now you have an access to numerous varieties of eye lash extensions. Following are the differences between various types of eye lash extensions.


Eyelash Extensions Vs Fake Lashes

The term eye lash extensions and fake lashes are used interchangeably. Eye lash extensions refer to the lashes that are applied as an extra element to the natural lashes. So, anything that is glued to natural lashes is often called fake lashes too! However, there are differences between eye lash extensions and false lashes

  • Eye lash extensions are made from natural hair or something identical to human hair like mink hair. Fake lashes are made up of artificial fiber.
  • Due to the above reason, extensions are lighter than the fake eye lashes.
  • Fake lashes come with adhesive. Many of them include a strip of glue already applied to the back of lashes. As such, they are often referred to as lash strips too. On the other hand, eye lash extensions are applied individually onto each existing eyelash. This is, thus, better done by professionals.
  • Fake lashes take only a little time to be applied while lash extensions take up to 2-3 hours.
  • Eye lash extensions are costly as compared to fake lashes due to their quality and the cost involved for the services of a professional.
  • Eye lash extensions are semi-permanent and depending upon the brands, they can last from few weeks up to an year!

Only the professionals in the industry refer the different types of extensions using appropriate terms. For instance, strip lashes, cluster lashes, etc. All these variants of lashes are collectively termed as eye lash extensions. So, it is always good to talk to the beauty therapist about your preference of lash extensions.

Permanent Eye Lash Extensions and Semi-Permanent Eye Lash Extensions

Permanent Eyelashes

Permanent eyelash extensions almost mimic a transplantation procedure. It is a permanent replacement for natural lashes and is performed under anesthesia. Permanent lash extensions involve a surgical procedure to plant the natural lash, that is, real eyelashes to replace the lost lashes.

Permanent lashes aren’t for everyone and are not recommended for all too! The best candidate for a permanent eyelash extension is the one who has lost the eyelashes and couldn’t grow it naturally, or, have an inability to grow the natural lashes. For instance, those who lost the natural lashes due to radiation therapy or chemo therapy as a part of cancer treatment, exposure to chemicals, trauma etc. This procedure is no less than any surgical implant. It is relatively expensive.


Permanent eyelashes extension pros and cons

  • A permanent makeover
  • Gives natural look
  • Boon for those who have lost their natural eyelashes
  • Not suitable or recommended for all
  • Expensive
  • Cannot change the style or shape of lashes

Semi permanent Eyelashes

All other types of eyelash extensions other than the permanent lashes that are not implanted on the eyelids are referred to as semi permanent eyelashes. The procedure involves gluing the artificial lashes to the natural lashes to extend the length of the lashes.

Why are they called semi-permanent lashes?

These extensions are permanently attached to the natural ones. However, when the natural lashes fall out, the lashes attached as an extensions also fall out. This makes it semi-permanent lashes.

Theoretically, the eyelash extensions stay until the natural lashes fall. Once the lashes fall (both natural and artificial extensions) you can either choose for getting semi permanent eyelash extensions once again or stick with your new natural eye lashes.

Semi-permanent eyelashes extension pros and cons

  • Less expensive
  • You can change the style often (once they fall out with natural lashes)
  • Fall out over stipulated period (with the natural eyelashes)
  • Sheds too quickly as compared to the permanent eyelashes
  • Affects the natural lashes

Structure of Eyelash Extensions – Individual Lashes, Strips and Clusters

Individual Eyelashes

Individual lashes are nothing but single eyelash extensions. Single lash extensions are applied to each of the individual natural lashes. It is a time consuming process. Also, it demands a lot of expertise and patience to get the individual lashes glued perfectly among the natural lashes.

Beyond this, it is also relatively expensive as well as a time consuming process. It may take around a minimum of 3 hours for the initial treatment. A touch up is often followed after 2 weeks of the first procedure.

Two different techniques are executed to glue the individual eyelashes.

Lash By Lash – A single lash extension is placed next to the natural lash. It gives the best natural look and doesn’t damage the natural lash. Silk lashes work best when this technique is applied.

Lash On Lash – The individual extensions are placed over the natural lashes. Since the single lashes are placed over the natural eyelashes, it is very important that you should remove the lashes in 2 weeks. Prolonged use of lashes glued using this technique may affect the natural lashes to a great extent. This technique is ideal for short term use. Strip lashes are often applied using ‘lash on lash’ technique!

Individual eyelashes pros and cons

  • Gives a more natural look when compared with other types of eyelashes extensions
  • Lasts longer (at least for 6 months to 2 years) with proper care
  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
  • Need a lots of patience

Cluster Eyelashes

Cluster eyelashes refer to a group or bunch of lashes. The lashes come in various thickness and length. It is very easy to apply a cluster of lashes on the eyelids than individual extensions. The procedure involves applying a group or multiple lash extensions in a single shot. It takes around 30 minutes to apply the cluster eyelashes. Besides, you need not visit a beauty clinic to get the cluster eyelashes applied. You can easily try it at home.

Cluster eyelashes pros and cons

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • Self-application is possible
  • Doesn’t last longer

Strip Eyelashes

This is the easiest form of eyelash extension available in the marketplace. It is very simple to apply and remove. Strip lashes come handy to get a quick makeover. It is difficult to identify that you are wearing strip lashes when you choose the right material and length. For instance, if you have an office party or a wedding celebration or family get-together, you can just use the strip eyelashes to define your eyes. The average life of strip lashes last from one day to 2 weeks. Strip lashes are ideal for those who are afraid to wear lashes often, but would like to try it at least once.

As indicated by its name, the lashes come with a thin invisible strip. You can just apply the adhesive and stick the strip to your eyelids, on the lash line.

Strip eyelashes pros and cons

  • Easy application and removal
  • Very cheap
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Comes in various sizes and density
  • Ideal for occasional wear
  • Sometimes it may look very artificial
  • Being a low cost eyelash extension, some poor quality strips may cause irritation, allergic reaction, redness, etc.

Eye Lash Extensions and different materials used to make them

Just like different types of fabrics, eye lash extensions come in different materials.

Synthetic Eyelashes (Plastic)

Synthetic lashes are easily available and very cheap. It is the most popular and widely used eye lash extension. It often comes in strip form and ideal for a single day wear.

  • Versatility, available in every desired form.
  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable for short term wear
  • Provides dramatic look
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Doesn’t have flexibility
  • May cause heavy damage to natural lashes and even lids when it is worn for a long time
  • Weighs heavier than other materials
  • Shortest life span

Synthetic Lashes (Semi-plastic and Semi-fiber)

It is the blend of synthetic and fiber (more probably mink) to rule out the disadvantages of plastic eyelashes. It has all advantages of plastic eye lash extensions but a bit more expensive. Blending with mink provides flexibility to the lashes. Yet, it is considered slightly inferior to other types of lashes! The pros and cons of semi-plastic or semi-fiber lashes are more or less similar to those made with plastic.

Silk Lashes

Silk lashes are made of poly silk and fiber blend. This is the softest of all types of eye lash extensions. It is very light, curly and give you a dramatic natural look.

  • Light and soft
  • Gives beautiful curly eyelashes
  • Easy to wear
  • Appear natural
  • Too much variants available, which makes choosing the right one difficult
  • New material blend is launched too often

Human Hair Lashes

Yes, you read it right! Human hair is used to make eye lash extensions. Mostly, the natural lash extensions come from Korea. Although it is natural lash, not many prefer these lashes.

  • Looks natural
  • Question about hygiene
  • Not sure about the source of hair

Mink Lashes (Authentic Fur)

Mink lashes are the most popular ones among the different types of eye lash extensions. Made from authentic fur, it looks quite natural without showing even a hint of artificial outlook. It is extremely feathery and light in weight. Mink lashes are the favorites of the celebrities. Owing to the popularity, there are a lot of fake mink lashes available in the marketplace and you might have to select the real one carefully.

  • Light weight, feathery, soft and comfortable to wear
  • Natural lash extension
  • Secret to the stunning look of celebrities
  • Have a long shelf life
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to identify duplicates

FAQs – What you should know about Eye Lash Extensions?

Remember, if you are the one who loves artificial lashes most of the time, this is for you!  If you ask, can I wear eye lash extensions, the answer is YES! At the same, there are quite a few things you should always concentrate to avoid getting into trouble.

Besides, you may get some obvious doubts like what is the right length of lashes that make me look beautiful? Does it cause any allergic reaction? How do I maintain the lash extensions without ruining it? Is it difficult to manage the lashes? What are the Do’s and don’ts with eye lash extensions? And many more!

Here is your complete guide to eyelash extensions!

What is the most common type of eyelash extension used?

There are about 4 to 5 types of eye lash extensions available in the market place. Among them, three types are used widely. They are,

  • Synthetic extensions
  • Silk extensions
  • Mink extensions

Among these three types, synthetic ones are used widely for ease of use and low cost. Mink extensions provide natural look, but it is expensive. A brief guide on different types of lash extensions has been discussed earlier in this article.

How are the eye lash extensions fixed on the eyes?

Generally, a semi permanent glue is used to stick the lashes, closer to the natural lash. However, it doesn’t touch the natural lash line. A single lash extension is applied on the single lash, enabling the free movement of eye lids and eyelashes. Alternatively, a strip of lash extensions are applied together in a single stroke. The adhesive ensures that the lashes stay put on the eyelid.

Does the glue cause harm?

Yes and No! There are different types of adhesives used to glue the lash extensions. High quality adhesive used to glue the lashes are specifically formulated to avoid irritation or allergic reaction. Cheap adhesives, however, may be compromised on quality. Whatever is used, you may end up getting allergic reactions. So, it is always recommended to do a patch test before gluing the lashes.

Can I apply the lash extensions on my own?

Yes, you can apply strip lashes on your own. You may need some practice and expertise to apply cluster eyelash extensions. However, for semi-permanent and permanent eyelash extensions, you need to take the services of professionals.

How do I apply mascara on eye lash extensions?

Using mascara is not essential when you get lash extensions fixed on eyes. In fact, lash extensions save your time taken to apply mascara. Still, if you want to apply mascara, do it on the edge of the extensions. However, stay away from using waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is not recommended to wear even on the natural lashes. It damages the lash line and makes the lashes fall off. So, if you use waterproof mascara on lash extension, it also falls off along with natural lashes.

I have sensitive skin and sensitivity to certain beauty products and makeup but I would love to wear eyelash extensions. Can I go for it?

In case of eye or skin sensitivity, it is recommended for you to do a patch test before trying the lashes.

Can I use lash curler to dramatize the look of eyelash extensions?

Using the eyelash curler on lash extensions is not recommended.  Using curlers damage the lash extensions. Most of the extensions come with natural curls. You should choose the style of the extensions carefully beforehand only. You can always go for a curly styled eyelash extension.

What preparation is needed before applying eyelash extensions?

There is no specific requirement for strip or other eyelashes that you can wear yourself. For semi-permanent and permanent eyelash procedure, you need to follow the instructions of the salon or clinic that you visit.

Generally, you should not wear eye makeup when you go for the procedure. You should also keep your lashes dry for at least 12 – 24 hours after procedure. For this, you may take a bath and wash your hair on the day of appointment before you go for the procedure or a day prior to your appointment. This helps as you won’t be able to use water on your face for at least a day after eyelash extension procedure.

You may also plan your appointment closer to the weekend or holiday as you cannot wash your face for next 12 to 24 hours.

How often should I get the eye lash extension redone?

It depends on the condition of your eyelashes. As mentioned earlier, it is purely based on the growth and fall cycle of your natural lashes. When you notice your lashes falling out, you may like visit a therapist immediately.

What happens to lash extensions when I take shower or swim or sweat out a lot?

Nothing happens to eye lash extensions when they are exposed to water. You can take shower, swim, soak in rain, enjoy your day at the beach or even sweat out a lot. You only need to keep your face and eyes away from water at least for 12 to 24 hours just after getting the eyelash extensions fixed to your natural lashes. Exposing to water immediately weakens the adhesive and it may fall off any time.

Do I lose my natural lashes when I wear eye lash extensions?

Yes, you will lose your natural eye lashes even if you don’t wear lash extensions. Losing eye lashes are natural process and it re-grows. Yet, when the lash extensions are not applied properly, it can damage the natural lashes and delay the regrowth cycle.

Besides, your habits like rubbing the eyes or manipulating the extensions often damages both natural lashes and extensions.

Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

Yes. Eyelash extensions don’t prohibit you from wearing eye makeup. You can go with eyeliner and eye shadow. Mascara is a big no-no as the need for wearing mascara is met by lash extensions. Besides, it affects the lashes and makes it fall out very soon. Always stick to water based or gel based eye makeup products.

How to remove eye makeup?

Normally, oil based cleanser or makeup remover is used to remove eye makeup. To be safe, you should choose the eye makeup remover specifically designed for eyelash extensions.

I tried wearing eye lash extensions in the past, but developed rashes like an allergy. Can I try it again? How do I get the lashes without allergy?

The adhesive used to glue the lashes might cause allergic reactions. So, do a patch test of adhesive to check if you develop allergic reaction.

I’m pregnant. Can I use eyelash extensions?

Yes. Eye lash extensions are for everyone. There is no restriction on using eye lash extensions as long as you don’t suffer from any eyelid condition. Make sure that the adhesive doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. Also, it is better to consult your doctor before going for any addition to your skin.

How do I choose the right length of eyelash extension?

Talk to the therapist to find the desired length of the lashes. If you have average lashes, you can go for only a subtle addition. However, if there is practically no eyelash, you may need to go for longer ones. It all depends upon your natural eyelashes and your preference.

I got the eyelash extensions, but didn’t actually like the lash extensions. What can I do?

If this is the case, you need not wait for weeks to get the lash extensions fall off. The eyelashes extensions can be removed easily with glue dissolver, without damaging the natural lashes. Talk to your therapist who does your eyelash extension procedure. You may also look at the before and after images to get an idea.

Can I have lash extensions on both upper and lower lids?

Yes you can, as long as it looks good on you and you really need to define your lower lashes.

Suggestions on managing eyelash extensions effectively

These are the precautions that you must exercise if you want your eyelash extensions to be there for longer.

  • Stay away from water exposure at least for 24 hours
  • Reduce or limit your eye makeup
  • Wear water based makeup
  • Never use waterproof eye makeup products or oil makeup once you get eyelash extension.
  • Avoid sauna or facial steam
  • Don’t strain your eyes which may end up rubbing, pulling, picking the lashes, etc.
  • Sleep on your back or sides. Sleeping on your stomach may put pressure on eyes
  • Don’t use eyelash curler

Pros and Cons of Wearing Eyelash Extensions

You have earlier read about the pros and cons of different types of eyelashes extensions. There are, however, both advantages and disadvantages of wearing eyelash extensions, no matter what type are you going to wear.

When you try something new, you should always weigh the pros and cons to avoid any complications.

Pros of wearing them Eyelash Extensions

Adds instant drama

Regardless of the different styles of makeup you try, wearing eye lashes gives you a dramatic look. It makes you more beautiful and elegant.

You can get the look you love

Eye lash extensions come in various lengths and density. You can choose the one that suits the best. Whether you want a dramatic or a flirty look, or just a subtle look, you can choose the lashes accordingly.

A wide range of lash extensions are available

Eye lash extensions are extremely versatile.  You can get permanent, semi-permanent eyelashes extensions or wear strip lashes that last just for a day or two.

Lasts longer beyond what you think

Although there are many claims that eye lash extensions may shed off too quickly, choosing the quality lashes makes them last longer.

Completes the bridal look

Eye lash extensions are boon to the soon to be brides. It just completes the bridal look and adds a toast of elegance to the appearance.

Saves time and money

Is there a better way to save more time and money on mascara? Yes, eye lash extensions rule out the necessity of wearing mascara. You don’t need to curl your lashes everyday and apply mascara to highlight the lashes. You look pretty with beautiful lashes every time.

Don’t need to strip out lashes everyday

Getting semi permanent lashes make a great accessory for busy women as they don’t need to rely on fake lashes.


Comes in various price ranges, from cheap lashes to the expensive ones, which is quite affordable.

The setbacks of eye lash extensions are more than the advantages. However, all the limitations can be superseded if you choose the quality product that suits you perfectly.

Cons of wearing them Eyelash Extensions

Affects Natural Lashes

The major drawback of using eyelash extensions is, it may affect your natural lashes. Regular use of eyelash extensions dries out the lash line. The fall and growth cycle of natural eyelashes range from 60 days to 90 days. The adhesive that is used to glue the extensions affect the natural lashes. It makes the natural lashes fall sooner and delays the re-growth.

It not only sheds the natural lashes but also prohibits the growth of lashes. So, when you go for an artificial alternative, you may end up losing the natural beauty, which certainly has no replacement.

Sometimes, it is a tedious and long process

You cannot avoid it, if you want seamless natural extensions. You should almost sit in silence without moving muscle for a couple of hours. No phones, no conversation and nothing.  Try to switch yourself to the ZEN mode! Patience is crucial to get the single lash extensions!!!

You may look matured

This can be an advantage to your appearance as well a drawback! If you have carried that innocent look for years, be assured that you won’t have that innocent look anymore. Long lashes certainly define your eyes and make you look sexy!

So, don’t panic when you look at yourself in the mirror with perfectly curled dense lashes! It is definitely you, spiced up with maturity. A few may not love this look!

Great looking lashes need more work!

Yes you don’t want to look awkward with lash extensions that announce through your eyes, ‘I’m fake!’ You definitely need natural fake lashes (what an irony!) that elevate your facial outlook.

If you wear strip lashes, you can just remove off the strip whenever you need.  Tea party? A couple of hours dinner meet? That’s it! Yet, you cannot do the same with great eyelash extensions. Getting lash extensions increases a couple of tasks to your eye makeup or eye care regime.

You will certainly battle with the lash extensions

You may not have concentrated more on eyelashes until you start wearing the extensions. Now, you will spend more time on it. When it is natural, it is a common tendency that we don’t care much about it. When you pick something artificial replacing natural, we turn more conscious and tend to concentrate more on the artificial element. Eyelash extensions gain all your attention all the time. You are more likely to spend more time looking at the mirror, checking the lash extensions.

  • Did I rub the eyes too much?
  • Do I sleep gently?
  • Can I rub my itchy eyes?
  • How do I put eye concealer?
  • Is it looking okay?
  • Does my soap and face wash affect the lashes?
  • Is my eye moisturizing cream affecting my extensions?

These are a few questions (and there is a lot more) that you may encounter more often!

Batting the lashes often become unavoidable

You will love to bat your lashes very often. Very often means, almost once a minute or two. It really sounds crazy and even you may look crazy. Every time you look into a mirror, you are more likely to bat the lashes like a swiftly flying butterfly!!

You look different? No, we can’t see anything!

When you do something to beautify yourself like changing the hair style or getting a new haircut, you would love to hear some compliments. At least you need someone to notice the change in you! However, when you try eyelash extensions, you may go unnoticed many times. You step out of the parlor after wearing lash extensions, thinking that you will be flooded with compliments. Many times, you may go unnoticed.

You will end up like, batting your lashes rapidly before your friend or sister asking them, ‘Anything different?’ All your efforts and money may end in vain!!

High maintenance and extra care for lash extensions

You got the natural looking eyelash extensions and you don’t need to worry anymore about the invisible lashes. It is not the end of the road. You need to maintain the lashes. You have maintenance duty everyday to tone the eye lash extensions.

After shower, or every time you wash the face, the lash extensions turn into soaked hairy bee like things! You should blow dry the lashes using a mini dryer everyday to ensure that lashes stay put. Besides, during windy days, the artificial lashes automatically arrange themselves in crisscross form!

So, it is not an easy task to manage and maintain the fake lashes.

You may look awkward

Choosing the right length, type and density of the lash extensions are crucial. Too lengthy or too curly lashes may not look good on you. It makes you look worse than having no lash extensions.

How to know that Eye Lash Extensions aren’t meant for you

  • If you have dry skin and wear oily makeup, eyelash extensions are not for you!
  • If you need long wearing mascara like waterproof or sweat proof mascara, eyelash extensions are not for you
  • If you suffer from existing eye conditions like ocular rosacea, blepharitis, etc. don’t go for it
  • If you don’t really care a lot about wearing makeup
  • If you suffer from Trichotillomania, which refers to constant pulling, twisting or manipulating hair and eyelashes

A Few Pointers to Consider

  • You can apply eye lash extensions in different amounts, which is often influenced by thickness and length of the natural lashes.
  • If you wear it for the first time, always start with 50 % extensions. It means, your eyelash share 50 % natural lashes and 50 % lash extensions. So, never try to go for 100 % extension. You may not get the desired look.
  • You should plan for a follow-up visit to the parlor every 3 to 4 weeks. Plan your visit based on the growth cycle of the eye lashes.
  • If you wish to extend your lashes for your D-day, try different styles (using strip lashes) and find the best one that suits you perfectly. Don’t rush up at the end and choose in a chaos.
  • Remember that longer, heavier or dense extensions with lesser flexibility damage your eyelashes.
  • Lengthy lashes need a lot of maintenance and more care. It also sheds quickly.
  • Regardless of the high quality and expensive lash extensions you use, the skill and expertise of your technician make or break your appearance.
  • The lash extensions with longer life span are the lightest lashes that also reduce the damages caused to natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions are sweeping the world, yes really! You should try it at least once and it won’t cause any harm. If you are not ready to wear lash extensions, you can concentrate on growing the lashes naturally.

A quick tip to grow long and thick lashes naturally

Apply castor oil on eyelids every night. It reduces stress in your eyes, enables proper blood circulation and aids in growth of lashes naturally. No need to say, it also ends the necessity of wearing eyelash extensions!

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