Daily Moisturizing- How to Get 24 Hour Moisturization Naturally

Daily moisturizing is essential just for dry skin! Did you know, it’s a myth. In fact, daily moisturizing is needed by all people with any type of skin- oily, dry or sensitive skin! Those with normal skin are blessed as they do not actually need extra moisturizer. Their oil-producing glands ( sebaceous glands) naturally lubricate their skin all the time. Others do need a daily skin care regime that would give them 24 hour moisturization.

Daily Moisturizing

Daily Moisturizing is essential for Ever-young Skin!

And if you thinkĀ The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine is a time taking expensive process where you must buy branded moisturizers and hydrators- you are wrong again! Natural moisturizers made with the very commonly available ingredients can save you from dry and lifeless skin that make you look aged than you actually are! You will know about these natural homemade moisturizers but before you know it, people having oily and sensitive skin must know why do they too need daily moisturizing.

Why Daily Moisturizing is Essential?

Daily Moisturizing with Natural MoisturizersAs far as dry skin is concerned, it can be due to various causes – poor diet, incorrect lifestyle choices, hormonal imbalance, over-exposure to UV rays and so on. All these can affect other skin types too. So, how does dry skin occurs? It is basically due to the damage done to the lipid barrier of skin. Skin’s lipid barrier is the permeable outer layer of fatty substances that protects skin cells from harmful elements. Additionally, it lets moisture and nutrients enter the skin to keep it hydrated. When the natural sebum (moisturizing element secreted by skin) production is hampered, it exposes the skin cells to external elements and lead to water loss from cells. This, in turn, leads to dehydration of skin making daily moisturizing a necessity.

Natural Moisturizer for All Skin Types

There is no single moisturizer that can give perfect daily moisturizing to all the skin types. This is because dry skin, oily skin as well as sensitive skin have different make up, they behave differently with even the natural elements. So, here is a list of some natural moisturizers that can help you in rejuvenating skin. Read the one that’s meant for your skin type. You will also get some handy tips on how to use your natural moisturizer for daily moisturizing needs wherever needed. And one more thing- natural moisturizers mean those that are found naturally and these are basically oils suited to be applied on skin as well as other natural products such as those obtained as petroleum by products

Natural Daily Moisturizing Oils for Dry Skin

Natural Moisturizers- OilsDon’t be scared of using oils due to their greasy nature. However, for dry skin, you surely need some oils that are a bit sticky and greasy but once you know how, when and on what body parts you must apply these oils, you will be a relieved soul- after all, what’s more important than a daily moisturizing regime to get rid of all itches, rashes and wrinkles that come free with dry skin!

Coconut Oil for Daily Moisturizing of Dry Skin

Yup, coconut oil is the age old secret nectar for dry skin. It will leave your dry and aging skin all refreshed. It also helps reduce the wrinkles and other skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema etc. However, its too sticky so don’t use it on face when going out. The best way of using coconut oil as daily moisturizer is before or while having shower. If possible (like on sundays, especially in winters), massage your whole body with coconut oil and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Then have a shower with warm water (cold water if its summer). Remember to use a mild moisturizing soap. On week days, when you must go out, have shower as usual. In the middle of your bath (when you are done with soaps and all), apply coconut oil all over your skin and again bathe with water (no soap this time). Pat dry with towel and you are done with your moisturizing need for the whole day!

Olive Oil for Daily Moisturizing of Dry Skin

This is a very good daily moisturizer for extremely dry skin and even sun damaged skin. You don’t have to do a lot. Just use olive oil in your bath water. Add a few drops of olive oil and a little banking soda in your bath water and that’s all. This natural moisturizer will keep your skin soft through out the day.

Glycerin and Rosewater for Daily Moisturizing of Dry Skin

Glycerin Rosewater Skin MoisturizerWell, these are not oils but they, for sure, are the best natural moisturizer for dry skin. Many of you would not be happy with the idea of coconut oil as your daily natural moisturizer. So this is a very good and mess free daily moisturizing solution for your dry skin- glycerin and rose water. Mix one part of glycerin with three parts of rose water. Store it in a handy bottle and place it on your bathroom rack. Apply this mixture all over your body. This will give you 24 hours moisturization. This can even be applied on face. Glycerin is a superb hydrator which even attracts moisture to keep your skin hydrated for a longer period.

Natural Daily Moisturizing Oils for Sensitive and Oily Skin

Oily skin and oil for daily moisturizing? This might sound weird but then oily skin too need daily moisturizing. To know why, you must read the section of this article- Why Daily Moisturizing is Essential?– given at the beginning of the write up. So, here we give the list of natural moisturizing oils for oily skin because not all oils are capable of handling this type of sensitive skin that can suffer from acne and pimples.

Argon Oil for Daily Moisturizing of Oily Skin

Jojoba Oil for Acne Prone SkinArgan oil is a very effective oil obtained from the kernels of the argan tree, mostly found in Morocco. However, online shopping sites will not restrict you from getting this oil for your daily moisturizing needs. Use only the pure virgin Argan oil and not the culinary oil. Argan oil an excellent natural skin moisturizer having antimicrobial properties. It is particularly recommended for oily skin because this oil has a sebum regulating action on the oily skin which reduces the oiliness along with moisturizing. Use it only at bedtime and never apply it before or during sun exposure. This is basically a natural moisturizer for face. Take one or two drops of Argon oil at bedtime and apply this to your face massaging gently.

Jojoba Oil for Daily Moisturizing of Oily Skin

This is the best daily moisturizer for acne prone skin. In fact, it is not an oil but a liquid wax found in the seed of the jojoba plant, mostly found southern Arizona, California, and northwestern Mexico but now commercially grown in many other parts of the world. Jojoba oil is almost similar to the sebum or the oil which is naturally produced below our skins. The non-comedogenic effects of this oil makes it the best natural moisturizeror f all types of sensitive skin. Use only a few drops at bedtime. If you want to use it for day moisturizing, mix a couple of drops with your daily moisturizer and then apply.

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