Surprising Anti Aging Benefits of Coconut Water

The refreshing coconut water has been the favorite tropical drink of millions. Coconut water is stamped as the best sports drink and recommended over some big branded sports drinks. And why not? It makes the best hydrating drink to rejuvenate after strenuous training sessions. But what you might not have known so far is that coconut water is also one of the best anti aging drinks!

You might have used coconut water to quench your uncontrollable thirst during hot days. Yet, it is not just a refreshing summer drink, but also has a lots of anti aging benefits. It is one of the very few natural drinks that come with nourishing and healing properties, both internally and topically. The anti aging benefits of coconut water start from rejuvenation of cells and tissues, its journey is from inside out.


Coconut Water and its Anti Aging Benefits

Aging signs is not just about physical appearance like developing age spots, wrinkles and saggy skin. Of course, radiant skin with no spots, blemishes and wrinkles are something everyone love. However, topical application of anti aging creams alone are not sufficient to fix root causes of aging that show in your skin. Aging also includes degenerative changes in the internal organs, cells and tissues. For instance, lack of sodium (not your regular salt) and potassium in the body leads to water retention, which affects the way you look!

Coconut water replenishes your body from inside out. Literally, coconut water can be labeled, as ‘Anti Aging Drink’ due to its loads of mineral, vitamins and other nutrients reserves.

Before moving on to know what nutrients make coconut water so healthy, let’s first get introduced to the anti aging benefits of drinking coconut water.

1.      Coconut Water is a Wonderful Cleanser and Detox Agent

Coconut water makes the wonderful cleanser. It cleanses the digestive organs and keeps them free from toxins. Coconut water

  • cleanses your body, kills intestinal worms and removes toxins, which positively impacts the appearance of your skin
  • creates a soothing effect on digestive tract and removes even the hyper-acidic toxins (which develops age spots and lead to dryness of skin)
  • manages the pH level of your body and skin, the key to healthy and youthful appearance
  • is a natural laxative and diuretic, which prevents accumulation of wastes as you won’t suffer from constipation and lack of urine formation

When the internal organs are free from toxins, it enhances the appearance of the skin. Thus, by carrying on internal detoxification, coconut water makes an excellent anti aging detox drink!

2.      Coconut Water is a Super Rehydration Drink

Coconut water is very light and easily absorbed into the body. It locks the moisture in the skin cells and prevents dryness for a longer period. Proper hydration is the base to healthy skin and healthy body. Lack of hydration can make your skin dry and dryness sets the path to develop aging signs.

Coconut Water seems to be just water, but its more than plain water

Coconut water is nothing but mostly water as you see it, but it is packed with nutrients as contrary to the plain water. As a bonus, it tastes good and is very refreshing. Drinking sufficient liquids (healthy ones!) is essential to keep your skin hydrated.

If you are literally bored by drinking gallons of water to keep your body and skin hydrated, drink a glass or two of coconut water. Drinking coconut water is more beneficial than drinking a glass of plain water.

Simply stated, coconut water is naturally flavored water that comes with a lot of hidden treasures to unleash in your body.

100 % Natural and Pure Drink

Coconut water is the purest form of water, next to pure water. It is 100% natural, even Mother Nature doesn’t know how to mess it up! It is also free from fungus and bacteria. it is like a miracle drink given to us as a gift of nature. It cannot be contaminated as long as you drink it fresh from the raw green immature coconuts.

3.      Coconut Water is an Isotonic Drink

Isotonic is getting popular as a cutting edge anti aging solution in the context of supplementation. Isotonic supplements (the liquid foods or drinks) are quickly absorbed by the body, in a more efficient way. Why should you go for a supplement, when you have a natural isotonic drink packed with nutrients? Yes, it is the coconut water!

Coconut water is an isotonic liquid. The composition of human blood plasma is similar to the composition of coconut water! Apparently, coconut water is infused intravenously in absence of saline water. The purity is proved here! When you want to defy aging, all you need is natural ingredients, at its purest form. You would hardly find things similar to coconut water when it comes to perfect health, and of course, anti aging.

4.      Coconut Water prevents Electrolyte Imbalance

Electrolytes are nothing but chemicals in our blood stream that regulate important functions of our bodies. Electrolyte imbalance in the body is closely associated with improper nerve reactions and muscle functions. When the functions of such important bodily systems get hampered, you are ought to develop aging signs too along with a host of other diseases.

According to the report published by Clinical Nutrition Journal, electrolyte balance in the body is closely associated with aging signs, both internally and topically. Example, if you are dehydrated, your skin will show up the signs of dehydration through skin dryness, cracks and roughness as well as dry lips.

Under normal conditions, aging signs show up from mid 30s or late 30s. Age related changes in the body influence the way the organs handle the fluid and electrolyte balance in the older adults. It is a common and normal phenomenon.

When explained in simple terms, under normal aging conditions (your actual age in years), your body gradually loses its efficiency of handling the fluid balance for various reasons. Inability to manage the water intake and excretion manifests through aging signs. It also leads to sodium and water imbalance in the body. Loss of electrolyte balance in the body creates disharmony. It leads to water retention (bloated stomach, puffy face, baggy eyes, etc) and even psychological stress.

The electrolyte imbalance can be fixed easily by drinking coconut water on a daily basis. Regular consumption of coconut water manages the electrolyte balance in the body and prevents degeneration of cells and tissues, and thus delays signs of aging.

5.      Coconut Water and Homeostasis

Aging impacts the homeostatic capacity of your body. Homeostasis refers to managing equilibrium in the body. For instance, skin oiliness and  dryness, accumulation of toxins, cell health, moisture, functions of cells and tissues, stress related problems, etc. everything gets affected when homeostasis is compromised.

Lack of homeostasis leads to aging and degeneration of cells, and / or vice versa. Coconut water has amazing homeostasis properties, which effortlessly balances the whole body, and delays onset of aging. And this property is of course, due to all its nutrients.

6.      Coconut Water is rich in Antioxidants

And as you might be knowing antioxidants fights off free radicals that are known as the biggest cause of premature aging.

In fact, coconut water is packed with nourishing nutrients which include but are not limited to antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, plant hormones, amino acids, enzymes, natural growth hormones and phyto-nutrients. In addition to Vitamins and anti oxidants, you need a few more vital nutrients to stay young and coconut water has many.

Anti Aging Nutrients in Coconut Water

Following is the brief list of anti aging nutrients you derive from drinking coconut water.

Cytokinins – Fountain of Youth

Plant hormones are one of the most intriguing elements that naturally promote the growth of plants. It aids in cell regeneration, growth of leaves and delays death of plants. Cytokinin is one of the plant growth hormones found in coconut water. Based on many experiments, it is discovered that cytokinin has potential anti aging effects on plants and have the similar effects on animals and humans.

According to the research and reports from Molecular Diversity Preservation International, the key nutrient behind the anti aging benefits of coconut water is cytokinins. It is not something that erases your fine lines, reduces the sun tan and diminishes the spots, it is more effective than just the topical transformations.

Cytokinins aid in proliferation of cells and tissues, without mutation. It delays the aging rate of the cells and delays the effects of aging signs, which develop from inside out. When your cells and tissues remain healthy, young, fresh and energetic, your skin mirrors it and you feel energetic and youthful. Apparently, cytokinins can be called the anti aging hormone and your body gets adequate cytokinins from Coconut water.

Based on the results of a Danish-American research on cytokinins, they

  • prevent the death of cells and delay the onset of aging signs
  • manage the cell traits that make you look youthful
  • increase the resistance to environmental stress (toxin, pollution, etc)
  • prevent and delay biochemical damages to the skin
  • improve the sun damages, wrinkles and dryness of skin

So, when you sip coconut water, you are actually getting access to fountain of youth.

Vitamin C – Manages Skin Elasticity and Much More

Vitamin C is the key nutrient for healthy skin. A glass of coconut water contains about 30 mg vitamin C, which meets 50 percent of the daily dose of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is responsible for synthesis of collagen, which gives a proper structure to the skin, makes it elastic and firm. Lack or absence of collagen production makes the skin lose its elasticity, which makes it saggy.

  • It also heals the wounds and improves scars.
  • It is a form of antioxidant, which protects your skin from free radicals.
  • It prevents the skin from sun damages.
  • It is also a hydrating nutrient, which prevents skin dryness.
  • Adequate vitamin C balances the excessive oiliness of the skin!

Potassium – Say goodbye to water retention and facial swelling

As mentioned above, potassium maintains the electrolyte balance and prevents swelling. No more puffy eyes and swollen face. According to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, coconut water is the recommended source of potassium than any other drinks or foods.

Magnesium (and Calcium) – De-stress as good as a massage

Calcium is essential for bone health! It is a known fact. But did you know, magnesium combined with calcium in coconut water makes you de-stress instantly, which is as good as a massage.

Yet, one of the most overlooked nutrients is magnesium. The importance of magnesium, rather the power of magnesium is not yet understood to its full potency. In a very real sense, stress directly impact the way you look and accelerate the aging process, which in turn, affect your physical appearance as well as your health.

Coconut water is a feel-good drink! Yes you can feel very light and refreshing after consuming this wonderful drink. So, de-stress the easiest way.

The Trio Minerals – Secret to De-age

In addition to the above benefits, potassium, magnesium and calcium collectively work together and aid in preventing your blood becoming acidic.

Keeping your body in the alkaline state is essential to delay aging. When your blood turns acidic, your body will extract more calcium from the bones to rebalance the alkaline state. It makes your body work harder to convert acidic state into alkaline state, which is likely to accelerate aging.

Apparently, you need adequate quantity of these trio minerals that aid in managing alkaline state of the blood. One of the most inexpensive and delicious source of the trio minerals is coconut water.

Coconut Water – A Better Alternative for Anti Aging Juices

Coconut Water is healthier, lighter and low caloric drink than the anti aging fruit juices

When it comes to anti aging, most of you would prefer fresh fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies, considering the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. There are hundreds of anti aging juice recipes out there. And yes, they are healthy but did you know that coconut water is one of the wonder ingredients that contains almost all nutrients and has zero fat apart from being a very low calorie drink! Enhance your nutritional intake to defy aging without adding your caloric intake.

You can easily drink a glass or two of coconut water a day without any difficulty. There are literally no hassles in drinking coconut water. Buy the green coconut and drink its water! That’s all.

It is a fat free, sugar free (contains natural sugar, which has subtle sweetness) and very light drink you can consume two or three times a day.

Besides, it is cheaper, 100 % pure and 100 % natural, as long as you buy the green coconuts and drink it fresh.

Topical Application of Coconut Water to Delay Aging Signs

Coconut water also makes a wonderful topical remedy for aging skin. In three to four weeks, (upon regular application) coconut water improves the following:

  • Age spots
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Skin dryness
  • Mild to moderate wrinkles (it may not be sufficient to reverse deep wrinkles in a short time)
  • Adds natural radiance to the skin and makes it look smooth
  • Repairs the skin problems from inside since it is absorbed easily into the skin

Just extract the water, soak a cotton ball and apply it on your aging signs, and just massage a little. Since the consistency of coconut water is just like water, it will dry very quickly.

How to make the most of coconut water?

  • Drink coconut water immediately once the immature green coconut is cut open
  • Coconut water sold in bottles and cans are not equally nutritious as the fresh ones are
  • Drink no more than 3 glasses of coconut water (or from 3 green coconut) a day
  • The best time to have coconut water is early morning and mid noon
  • Replace your morning tea or coffee with coconut water

If you have the history of kidney problems or suffering from any kidney disorders, consult with a physician before drinking coconut water on a regular basis. Once you get the green signal from your doctor, go drink coconut water for anti aging and all other health benefits!

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