Now Use Your Own Blood for Anti Aging Procedure- Vampire Facelift!

This is a news you’ll love! More so if you are prone to allergies and are not able to use all those anti aging treatments that are available to make you younger. Vampire Facelift is the new anti aging procedure that uses your own blood to make your sagging face look younger! Medical Spa of Georgia has come up with this new anti aging treatment which uses patient’s own blood which is injected into face for regrowth of lost or sagging tissues.

Vampire Facelift

New Anti Aging Procedure

Vampire Facelift has been created by Dr. Charles Runels. Blood, equivalent to what is taken for a blood test is required for this unique facelift. Plasma of the blood is separated from it and its constituents are injected into the patient’s face. This procedure takes only about half an hour and the patient can then resume normal routine of the day. All this information was provided by Terri Haper of Spa Medical on NBC

This can really prove to be a revolutionary anti aging non surgical procedure. As Vampire Face-lift uses own blood, there seems to be much lesser chances of allergic reactions. However, the true effect of this new anti aging treatment remains to be seen once it is applied on considerable number of people.

News Source: 41NBC

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