Best Hair Colors to Look Younger

Is simply dyeing your hair enough to make you look younger? Well, one of the lesser known secrets to look younger apart from plainly coloring your hair is to enhance your hair color as you age, so that it makes you look radiant and young!

Hair colors to look younger

Hair stylists suggest that if you choose the perfect hair color that matches your skin tone, it is one of the most effortless ways to look younger by decades. The reason being as you age, your complexions tend to become paler and duller and at that time if you wear the incorrect hair color, it worsens the effect as the color washes out eventually. So the solution to beat the blues is to select shades that enhance your skin tone. However, it isn’t just the mismatch between the skin tone and hair color that can makes you look older, but other factors as well. For instance, if there is a sharp contrast between your hair color and your skin, it is literally visually jarring, because it highlights your imperfections such as wrinkles and dark circles. Here are a couple of handy tips for you to select the appropriate hair colors that can make you look younger.

Selecting the Right Hair Color to Look Younger

When you are in your 20s, loud and extreme colors are certainly in! However, as you tend to mature, selecting such extreme colors makes you look older. Here are a couple of guidelines for you to select the right shade:

Hair colors to look younger

  • Browns: Avoid extreme dark colors such as dark brown or black, because as you tend to grow older, your skin color tends to change and you lose pigment in your skin. So, if you lighten up your hair color by a few shades, it will take years off from you! For instance, select a more chocolate brown color instead of dark brown.
  • Reds: Avoid picking up fiery reds, instead select an auburn tone.
  • Blondes: Never pick up platinum blonde or baby blonde shades. Instead opt for a honey blonde shade. Golden tones are especially recommended for blondes to add a sun-kissed and rosy glow to their face.

Hair colors to look younger

Selecting Multi-dimensional Tones

Select multi-dimensional tone on tone highlights, they add movement to your hair and give you that natural look. Avoid monotones. Highlighted hair looks healthy and natural but do not overdo it, as they can make you look fake and artificial.

Adopting Vegetable Dyes

It is advisable that you should start using vegetable dyes whenever you begin to notice gray hairs. This kind of dye washes out instead of growing out and it also tends to last for at least three months. Vegetable dyes are especially helpful if you are trying to grow out of a previous color which you no longer wish to continue.

Choosing the Right Trends

It is perfectly fine to be trendy and fashionable; however, you need to tread carefully while selecting the trends that suit you. For instance, go warmer with your highlights.

Coloring Your Eyebrows

If you notice grays in your eyebrows, color it! It will help brightening up your face. You can lighten up your eyebrows by a shade or two.

That’s it, it isn’t tough anymore to select the right hair colors to look younger!

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