What is the Best Anti Aging Serum for your Skin?

You might have seen and heard about anti aging serums but what are these anti aging serums and how do they work, if at all? Let’s explore their potential to find out the best anti aging serum for your skin.

Aging is a natural process. When we were kids, most of us wanted to grow old. When we are adults, we love not to grow any older! Something that almost everyone wants to avoid when we get older is looking older! Signs of aging show up first on your face!  Wrinkles around your eyes, saggy skin or crow’s feet make you look 5 years older than your actual age! There is nothing you can do to halt aging, but not aging signs.

You could have gazed at the celebs in 40s and 50s with luminous skin! There are many reasons to the radiant skin. There are many men and women out there who aged gracefully and who looked almost 10 to 15 years younger than the real age! It is not just for celebrities, you can even master it!

You may have tried to cover up or conceal the aging signs with makeup! Battling the aging signs is quite possible with a meticulous skin care regimen! Choosing the perfect anti aging treatments for skin may be tricky and confusing for many.

Yet, a single skin care product will help you battle away the aging signs with ease. One of the important ingredients you would need to battle the aging signs is anti aging serum!


What is an Anti Aging Serum?

Anti aging serum is a dilute skincare product made with proprietary blend of the active ingredients that are the essentials of healthy, younger and supple skin. The serum works at its best to battle the aging signs. It repairs the damages of the skin that causes the aging signs and helps the skin to regenerate itself. Within a short period, the serum can make your skin look good, reducing the visible signs of aging. Upon regular use, you can completely reverse the signs.

Anti aging serums are very light. But they have the tendency to dry out the skin. So, you should apply it first before you moisturize the skin. Although the serums are nothing but ‘concentrated water’ with active ingredients, they are never meant to hydrate or moisten your skin. The serums nourish your skin internally by transmitting the anti aging ingredients deeply into the skin. If you are also concerned about completely hydrating your skin, better know about how to choose the best moisturizer for your skin

Anti aging serums provide good results in a short term due to the high concentration of the ingredients. These ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin which in fact makes the result faster! Since it delivers faster results, you might feel slightly uncomfortable. You can easily overcome the same with applying a hydrating lotion or moisturizer.

Anti aging serum is the most preferred skin treatment for aging. Not only it gives fastest result, but also reverses the signs of aging,  and enables the most visible result for long.

Anti aging serum helps you,

  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Reverse the aging signs
  • Complete erase the aging signs and spots
  • Prevents and delays the occurrence of the aging signs
  • Nourishes and replenishes your skin
  • Provides a luminous skin
  • Enables managing health, fresh, soft and younger skin

So, what is the best anti aging serum?

Let us see in detail! Let’s start with the difference between anti aging serum and anti aging cream because this is the first confusion that most of the people have.

Anti Aging Serum Vs Anti Aging Cream

Generally, anti aging serums are quite lighter than the skin creams. The major difference between a serum and a cream is the texture. While the serum is watery, which is a liquid skin care product, creams are heavier. The creams are mostly oil based, while the serums are water based products.

Small and Large Molecules

The objective of the serum is quick absorption into the skin. Anti aging serums have smaller molecule ingredients like peptides, retinol, antioxidants, etc. that penetrate into the skin instantly. On the other hand, creams have different ingredients blend with larger molecules.

Specified v/s general Target Area

Serums contain a very stronger and intense blend of the active ingredients. Serums are designed to address the specific problem or specific area. For instance, wrinkle serum, eye serum, etc. Wrinkle serum concentrates only on erasing the wrinkles on your face; eye serums treat puffiness under eyes, crow’s feet, wrinkles, saggy skin, etc. around the eyes; Creams focuses on your skin as a general application. It is formulated to deliver a common solution to all parts of the face.

Quantity and Size Matters

Since you are supposed to use more cream to get the desired results, it generally comes in a large pack. However, when it comes to serums, they usually come in small bottles. Just a drop or two is sufficient to apply on the respective area.


Anti aging serums always need a moisturizer or skin hydrating cream to prevent dehydration. Creams moisten the skin and don’t need a backup product for support.

What to Look for in Anti Aging Serums?

What makes an anti aging serum works seamlessly to replenish the skin? How to differentiate between the good or bad serums? Anti aging serum for skin treatment is all about the ingredients! Always check the pack for the list of active ingredients. It is only those ingredients that tone your skin.

Most of the anti aging serums deliver excellent result based on some core ingredients blended together! The core ingredients of anti aging serums include the following:

  • AHA
  • BHA
  • Antioxidants
    • CoQ10
    • Resveratrol
    • ECGC
  • Retinol
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin C

Alpha Hydroxy Acid:

AHA is a most popular ingredient used in anti aging serums. It refers to the group of natural acids found in foods. AHA is found in following food groups.

  • Citric acid – Citrus food
  • Malic acid – found in apple
  • Tartaric acid – Grapes, tamarind, and Kokum
  • Glycolic acid – Fresh Sugarcane Extract or sugarcane juice and sugar cane molasses
  • Lactic acid – Sour milk and dairy products

AHA are applied topically (applied on the skin surface) to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. The exfoliating properties help removal of dead cells from the skin which then regenerates new younger skin cells. Additional benefits of AHA include,

  • Treats and prevents aggravation of acne
  • Diminish the scars and acne spots
  • Improves the photo aged skin
  • Soften the skin texture and makes it firm
  • Lighten the skin tone and treats skin pigmentation

Beta Hydroxy Acid:

BHA is an organic acid, extracted naturally from the barks and synthesized artificially. BHA is a powerful exfoliator. It is proven to be more effective than other exfoliators. AHA and BHA are like co-joined twins. They work together to produce magical results on your skin. Additional benefits of BHA include,

  • Reduces inflammation of skin
  • Makes the skin firm, it is good for skin tightening
  • Stimulate the production of collagen
  • Improve the skin texture
  • Treats hyper pigmentation
  • Enables the skin to absorb other products like moisturizer

Make sure that the anti aging serum you intend to buy has AHA and BHA as active ingredients because not all cosmetics print this information on the label.


Oxidation is a chemical reaction in our body that affects the cells and tissues through loss of electrons. It develops free radicals. To put in a lighter note, oxidation is like a rusting on an iron rod! Anti-oxidation inhibits the process of oxidation and keeps us younger and healthy!

Antioxidants are available in a number of fresh produce. It is also made artificially. The major cause of aging is low or no antioxidant in the body.

The serums use many antioxidants. In fact, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also anti-oxidants. Following are the couple of core antioxidant ingredients you should look for in the serum.


Commonly known as CoQ10, Co-enzyme Q – 10 is a natural antioxidant produced by the body. It is responsible for growth of cells and tissues. Even 1 percent drop in the levels of this antioxidant leads to an aging skin! It is clinically tested and proven to erase wrinkles.

A recent study about the effects of Coq10 in skin care in the journal BIOFACTOR states that it improves the skin and combats wrinkles.


Resveratrol is a magical bullet that dodges the dead cells and generates the healthy cells with longer cell life. It belongs to the polyphenol group of antioxidants. It is found naturally in grapes, cherries, red wine and chocolate!


EGCG refers to Epigallocatechin gallate, a form of catechin, found abundantly in specific varieties of tea. White tea has the most amount of EGCG while ordinary tea has least amount of EGCG. It offers many benefits to the skin.  Top rated serums use EGCG as a major ingredient to help you get rid of skin wrinkles, promote the elasticity of the skin, removes skin blemishes, etc. It also has antibacterial properties.

How EGCG helps your skin?
  • Treats and protects from sun damage
  • Natural moisturizer
  • Controls the excessive secretion of oil
  • Has skin brightening elements
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Support in healing scars and blemishes


Retinol is not vitamin A, although it is very similar to Vitamin A! You may wonder, is there a difference between vitamin A and retinol! Yes, there is. These are two different ingredients used in serums.

  • Retinol is extracted from the animal sources and is termed as retinoid.
  • Vitamin A is extracted from plant sources and is termed as beta-carotene.

Retinol is one of the popular ingredients used extensively in skin care products. Retinol is often considered a cosmetic counterpart of the vitamin A!

Retinol and skin treatment go hand in hand. Your skin absorbs retinol too quickly. Retinol is broken down and gets converted into retinoic acid upon absorption. This acidic compound helps the skin to heal from damages and promotes growth of healthy cells.

However, retinol doesn’t work alone! It needs some supportive ingredient and is often used in collaboration with AHA and BHA!


If you are looking for that one miracle ingredient to battle away the aging signs, just check for peptides. It is a molecular link of the amino acids. Peptides produce the anti wrinkle protein and it is nothing but collagen.

Collagen is the base to the elasticity of the skin. When the collagen breaks or when the body doesn’t produce sufficient collagen, the skin tends to stretch and turn saggy. Literally, there is no anti aging skin treatment that has no peptides.

Collagen is like an internal collage that makes your external skin appear smooth, soft, plump and younger!

Vitamin C:

They always say, save the best for the last and yes, we do! Vitamin C is the king of the core ingredients used in anti aging serums, the best anti aging serums, if we must call them so!

Anti Aging Serum and Vitamin C

Let us see about Vitamin C and anti aging serum briefly!

What is the association between anti aging serum and vitamin C?

Vitamin C plays a pivotal role to maintain the health of skin and hair! Resilient blemish free skin is all about vitamin C!

Anti aging skin treatment involves repairing the skin. The major part of anti aging regimen is enhancing the collagen production. Vitamin C is responsible for production as well managing collagen levels.

Younger skin that looks awesome with no traces of aging signs or any blemishes is obviously packed with vitamin C. A drop in the levels of vitamin C leads to wrinkles, free radicals, and other aging spots. A decline in the level of vitamin C cannot inhibit the sun damages or pigmentation on the skin. Increase in the intake of the vitamin C, replenish your skin and elevates the skin health.

How vitamin C benefits the skin?

  • Controls oil secretion
  • Reduces the spots and blemishes
  • Treats acne
  • Prevents and treat wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Helps accumulation of oxidation stress that break down the skin
  • A potential ingredient to treat sun damage, sun burn, photo damages, pigmentation, etc
  • Prevents discoloration of the skin

Why is Vitamin C used in Anti Aging Serums

Without vitamin C, there is nothing called anti aging serum! Topical application of Vitamin C do more wonders on your skin than taking it orally! As you age, your body loses the depth of this skin care vitamin and you may not be able to synthesize it effectively.

Vitamin C is the elixir of young and healthy skin!  Topical application of vitamin C revitalizes your skin in many ways! Vitamin C works at its best only in lower concentration. So, it is blended with other active ingredients in the anti aging arsenal.

Does Anti Aging Serum Work?

There is so much buzzing about the serums! Everyone needs some kind of anti aging skin therapy at some point of time.

Do these anti aging serums really work?

The success secret of anti aging serums is all about the active ingredients in a right concentration. Vitamin C, retinol, peptides, antioxidants, etc. are the main ingredients of the anti aging serum. These ingredients are very essential for skin.

Anti aging serums are clinically tested, evaluated and scientifically proven. The ingredients address the cause of aging signs and treat it from internally.

A serious and meticulous anti aging skincare routine works almost equivalent like a face lift, but a non-surgical, non-invasive face lift! It is very affordable. Just think about the cost of the surgical face lift or cosmetic procedures to treat aging signs! There is no risk, no discomfort, no pain, no side-effects, no recovery time and no scarring, when you use the right things on your skin, the best anti aging serum, to say!

The logic behind the effectiveness of anti aging serum is very simple and direct! Your skin needs certain ingredients to look young with no signs of aging. When those ingredients fail to act up, your skin develops aging signs. The serum feeds your skin with those ingredients to reverse the signs and make it young. That’s it!

  • When you are thirsty you drink water and your thirst subsides.
  • When you are hungry, you eat food and satiate your hunger.

When you develop aging signs, feed your skin with anti-aging ingredients that is serum!

How Anti Aging Serums Work?

Serums target a particular issue of a skin. It will be a great option to give an extra edge to solve your skin concerns like fine lines, dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation of the skin, etc. Anti aging serums are more like a skin care treatment, not simply a skin care product!

How it works?

  • It provides an intense skin repair by deeply penetrating into the skin.
  • It enables collagen product which holds the skin elasticity.
  • It supplies antioxidants to fight against free radicals
  • Reduces formation of wrinkles and fine lines by nourishing the internal layers of skin
  • Exfoliates the skin and thus removes the dead cells. Subsequently it also aids in growth of fresh and healthy skin cells.
  • Removes the blemishes and deep spots on the skin
  • Heals the skin and the secret ingredient is Vitamin C

How much serum you would need depends on what you expect from the anti aging treatment. Typically, anti aging serums are expensive than anti aging creams. Yet, the quantity of the serum you use everyday makes the tiny bottle last for longer!

However, if you cannot afford buying an anti aging serum, try to make anti aging wrinkle creams at home. Making anti aging serum at home is a little more difficult than making creams. Because you first need to get all the active ingredients and then use them in just the right quantity in the serums. But as the saying goes, nothing is impossible, you can always make anti aging serums at home as well. Here are some homemade natural anti aging serums recipes, if you want to try making them at home.

Are there side effects of using anti aging serum?

It is always recommended to do a patch test before you try any skin care product for the first time. It is more important for serums due to the high concentration of the active ingredients!

  • Dab a drop of the serum on your wrist or at the back of the palm
  • Wait for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure whether the serum is safe to use
  • Check whether the result is positive or negative!
  • If you find any allergic reaction or itchiness, just ignore it and try something different
  • No signs of any allergy or change in skin color or irritation after 24 hours of patch test? You are good to use the tested anti aging serum on your skin.

Sometimes you may develop mild irritation or redness on your facial skin after applying the serum for the first time. You need no more than two drops to cover the targeted area. Also, follow it up with a hydrating cream or moisturizing lotion. Applying too much serum may also harm your skin.

Different Types of Anti Aging Serums for Different Skin Types

It is mandatory to choose the skincare products that augment your skin, not damage it. Everyone is unique and the skin is also unique. Lifestyle, health, eating habits, etc. influence the skin. Anti aging serum is not a single solution to all types of skin.

For Oily and Oily-Normal Combination Skin Type

Oily skin may be disgusting! Too much greasiness makes you look dull and tired! Yet, serum provides excellent result to the oily and normal to oily skin combinations. In most cases, you don’t need to follow up the serum treatment with moisturizing the oily skin. The excessive oiliness itself retains the skin hydration.

For Dry Skin

A dry skin is prone to develop aging signs quickly. A careful selection of serum is required. Mere application of serum won’t give you desired result. You should moisturizer your skin or apply a hydrating lotion immediately after serum application on dry skin.

For Sensitive Skin

It is not always an easy task to find the best skin care solutions for sensitive skin, including anti aging serum.

According to a report published by dailymail.co.uk, around 8 million women in Britain (only Britain) have sensitive skin and they find it very difficult to find a suitable anti aging serum to work best on the skin. In other countries, around 30 percent of women population tends to have sensitive skin.

The ingredients used in the serum may overreact on a sensitive skin. Yet, an exclusive line of serums for sensitive skin is available in the market.

You should have an understanding about what makes your skin vulnerable to certain conditions. Based on these criteria, you can find a good formula to use on your skin. It is recommended to apply a night cream that suits your skin to prevent the further damages. You can find the recipes of best homemade anti wrinkle night creams, if you want to be extra cautious.

A Special Note for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Whether you have sensitive or dry skin, you should be very careful in choosing the serum. Stay away from any serums that have alcohol i.e. ethanol as an ingredient. Alcohol worsens the skin and strips off all the moisture, which lead to exacerbation of the skin.

Organic Serum?!!

Most of the active ingredients used in anti aging serums have two facets, natural extract and synthetic counterpart!

When you choose the serums based on your skin type, you may wonder about the organic and chemical based serums available in the market place! Don’t get confused. Just go for organic serums. The world says, go green! Why not you go green for your skin?

Why Use Organic Anti Aging Serum

You cannot apply anything on your skin that you cannot eat! What you put on your skin literally ends up in your body. Organic products are better for your skin and better for your health. Organic beauty products are extracted from natural produce without any blend of chemicals or synthetic materials.

  • Organic is safe to use on your skin with no side effects
  • There is no risk of sensitivity, irritation and inflammation. However, a patch test is always a better way to decide.
  • Doesn’t clog the skin pores
  • Rich in nutrients and nourishes the skin
  • Usually, they are safe products to use on sensitive skin
  • There is no synthetic or artificial fragrance that prevents the risk of allergen.
  • They are superior to synthetic ones just because they use natural ingredients. Natural is always the best!
  • Organic products not only protect your skin but also doesn’t harm the environment
  • You get the best value for money when you use organic because chemicals will be expensive yet can damage you skin. Organic is expensive too, but it doesn’t damage your skin unless you are allergic to an ingredient used in the serum.

How to Identify Organic Anti Aging Serum?

Okay! Organic serum is better than synthetic ones! Yet, how to identify the organic serum? Not everything that comes with a tag ‘Organic!’ is organic. In generally, organic produce and skin care treatments are quite expensive. If you get something exotic at a cheap price, you are probably buying a fake one!

  • Check the label for list of active ingredients.
  • Look for the words, ethanol, paraben, sulfate, etc. If they are there, it’s not organic.
  • Search for a logo or seal that authenticates a real organic serum. The logo generally contains a seal, ‘Certified Organic
  • If a serum comes with the tag, 100% organic, then also make sure it is organic. Look for organic ingredients on the label.
  • If a serum says just ‘Organic’ it is a mix of organic and synthetic ingredients.
  • If a serum says, ‘made with organic’ the organic counterpart is lesser than 70%
  • Check for the tiny colored tab in the product.
    • If the color is red – it is a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients
    • If the color is black – All synthetic
    • If the color is blue – organic and medicinal ingredients
    • If the color is green – Go Green, it is organic!!!

Anti Aging Serum – A Night Serum!!

When Should You Apply Anti Aging Serum?

Do you know skin repairs itself at night! Logically, night is the best time to apply anti aging skin serum. Just like you breathe, just like your heart beat incessantly at night, your body repairs, and regenerates and replenishes your skin at night. When you age, the process slows down. You don’t get fresh skin every 30 days. The active ingredients of serums help to speed up this daily routine that was slowed down due to aging, more effectively at night.

So, make it a part of a night time skin care routine. Remember to apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin, only if your skin is not oily.

Even anti aging creams help you combat the aging signs, stay younger even when you grow older. Yet, if you look for long term results in a short term and reverse the signs, you can just go for serums.

Does Anti Aging Serum has Botox Effect?

Anti aging serums made a big impact in the industry with respect to reversal of aging signs. When it comes to combating aging signs, treating the aging signs around eyes, Botox is preferred by many. Botox fairly has some pros and cons. Botox shots can be somewhat painful and you cannot avoid the side effects for a few days. Yet, the result is relatively quicker than serum. With little patience, meticulously following a skin care regimen, you can iron out the wrinkles.

Okay, does it, the anti aging serums, really have the effect of Botox?

Yes! Anti aging serum works better than a Botox shot. A Botox shot fills your skin and eases the wrinkles and aging signs. On the other hand, the serum treats the internal skin cells and tissues. Healing from internally works well and lasts longer.

Anti aging serum is way too better than Botox in many aspects.

  • There are no side effects as long as you choose the right serum that suits your skin type
  • It is relatively cheaper than a Botox shot
  • It takes no time to dap a drop of serum
  • There is no down time or risk of scarring
  • Helps nourishing the skin from within

You will get a face lift with anti aging serums!!!

A few things you should know when you use anti aging serums

  • The results may vary on every individual. A few find serums very effective in less than 2 weeks of regular application, whereas, a few may find the visible results after 3 or 4 weeks upon regular use.
  • Use any anti aging serum you have selected, regularly, for a minimum of 6 months to erase around 80% of visible signs. However, there are many who can enjoy a free face lift and a radiant supple skin within a few months.
  • Check the list of active ingredients. For safety concerns, it is always best to use the skin care products that have the list of active ingredients and the concentration.
  • This is an important thing you should know about anti aging serums. All antioxidants are prone to destabilize, lose its efficacy and healing power. So, when you buy the anti aging serums, make sure you stick to the packages that come in opaque tubes or air-restrictive bottles.
  • Don’t apply too much serum.

Above all, you should follow healthy diet and a skin care routine to help yourself get rid of aging signs. Even the best anti aging serum can’t beat the benefits you get from antioxidant diet!

If you, however, want to buy serums, you can go through these latest serums available in the market

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