Antioxidants and Aging- Facts and Review

Antioxidants and aging are related closely. Researches have proved that aging gracefully (read delay aging) can be a solution provided by antioxidant rich foods- fruits, vegetables, green tea, and many other antioxidant rich foods. So, lets have some facts about this ‘magical’ anti aging factor and review what do anti oxidant do as an anti aging diet.

What do Anti Oxidant Do?

Antioxidants and free radicals are two main factors when understanding the aging process. Many scientific researches have proved that aging is a process of oxidizing or rusting caused by free radicals. Free radicals are the by products of natural metabolism and energy production. They are sourced from drugs, poisons, and pollutants along with cigerrete smoking, UV radiation, x-rays and even emotional stress. Free radicals can cause chain reactions that can end in stiffened tissues, disable hormones and enzymes, and damaged cell structures leading to premature aging.

Anti oxidants and Free radicals

Now what do anti oxidants do in this whole process? Antioxidants break the free radical chain reaction. As a result, our body naturally circulates many antioxidant nutrients creating antioxidant enzymes. These antioxidant enzymes control the free radicals and their chain reactions. Now what are these antioxidants nutrients that help in controlling free radicals so that we age slowly?

What Antioxidants Nutrients Control Free Radicals?

Antioxidant Fruits List

There are many natural foods that have antioxidant nutrients to fight off aging. And this is a fact that without optimum levels of micronutrients, the right levels of antioxidation activity can’t be achieved. The right amount of micronutrients and antioxidation activity, on the other hand, provide our body the capacity to resist age related deterioration.


Vitamin C and vitamin E are the most prevalent antioxidant nutrients. They are the most popular anti oxidant vitamins

Carotenes, lipoic acid, and many other phyto-chemicals found in the plants we eat, act as antioxidants.

Catalase containing iron is also an antioxidant nutrient

Super oxide dismutase enzymes using copper, zinc, and manganese is yet another antioxidant nutrient.

Glutathione enzymes, many of which use selenium, work to terminate free radical reactions.

Although it is good to make a habit of having anti oxidant diet which includes natural rich anti oxidant food sources, good antioxidant supplements too provide an option for people who could not do so.

Having learnt about antioxidants and aging as well as the role of anti oxidants and free radicals, let’s know about some more antioxidant facts that would help in understanding the magic of antixidants more clearly.

Anti Oxidants and Aging

Antioxidants Facts

Researches conclude that antioxidant compounds obtained from having 5 to 7 serves a day of fruit and vegetables can help protect from heart disease and certain cancers.

Most of the antioxidants consumed by human beings come from plants.

Anti oxidants include vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids like beta-carotene, some minerals, phenolic compounds and other natural chemicals having antioxidant properties.

Vegetable oils, cereals, nuts and seeds are the best sources of Vitamin E.

Flavonoids is an antioxidant found in Tea.

Wine is also a source of antioxidant as it contains phenolic compounds.


There are many antioxidant vitamin supplements too available in the market. However, the present researches say that a wider mix of antioxidants obtained from whole plant foods are more effective in the body when compared to single antioxidant supplements though these supplements may be effective in some circumstances.

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Scientists are evaluating the significance of lesser known antioxidants in plant foods as anti-cancer agents. They are also researching about the levels of intake of the known antioxidants nutrients that protect cells against naturally occurring and induced damage to genes as well as the associated risks of cancer. This fact about anti oxidants remain to be established.

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