Anti Aging Treatments

Anti aging therapies or anti aging treatments for treating the conditions raised due to approaching old age have two theoretical approaches- the Damage theories and the Programmed Theories. The damage theories focus on anti aging treatments for repairing damages made to the body cells by the external factors. The programmed theories focus on genetics as to how efficiently and for how long can human body cells maintain optimum health. Here we will discuss about the repairing techniques for damages done to body due to aging. There are such anti aging treatments for damage control as laser skin tightening, light therapy, wrinkle relaxing injections, hormonal treatments for anti aging and what not!

Lets know about some anti aging treatments, the components used in anti aging products that are clinically proven to reduce various signs of aging as well as home treatments for reducing aging signs!

Surgical and Non Surgical Treatments for Aging Skin

Anti Aging TreatmentsLaser rejuvenation and laser resurfacing are the major surgical skin treatment for fighting aging signs in today’s modern times. Some of the popular laser skin treatments include CO2 laser skin resurfacing, YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser surgery, intense pulsed light etc. that can rejuvenate as well as tighten the aging skin. The nonsurgical skin treatments are either applied alone or in combination with these laser treatments. They assist in tightening the loose skin around neck and jowl. Botox treatment nowadays is widely used for treating the visible bands on neck. Various anti aging products too contain skin-firming ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and hexamidine.

Home Treatment for Sagging Skin: Drinking plenty of water to keep skin hydrated is the best natural way to prevent skin from aging early. Egg white and avocado extracts are good for skin tightening treatment the natural way!

Hemorrhoid Treatment for Puffy Bags Under Eyes!

With the growing age, the skin looses its tightness which is also true about the skin under eyes that become sagging just like bags. Hemorrhoid treatment, help in tightening the skin under eyes and making it smooth thus removing the puffiness under eyes. Hemorrhoid treatment products such as under eye creams found over the counter can treat the under eye bags efficiently.

Home Treatment for Under Eye Bags: Green tea bags have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the deposition of fluids under eyes that result into puffiness of such skin. Know How to Get Rid of Puffy Eye Bags?

Permanent Treatment for Under Eye Bags: Injectable wrinkle fillers and surgical eyelift can permanently treat under eye bags.

Hydroquinone Treatment for Age Spots!

Hydroquinone- a topical bleaching agent- is an effective treatment for age spots. It is available in both the forms- as prescription strength and as an over-the-counter cream. Chemical peels and various antioxidants treatments are used rejuvenating the look and feel of skin by treating skin discoloration, sun spots and dull skin texture.

Home Treatment for Age Spots: Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with onion juice is a good home remedy for reducing age spots and sun spots. Get some other Home Remedies for Pigmentation of the Skin

Topical Retinoids, Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Treatments for Wrinkles

Topical retinoids are the derivatives of vitamin A and are used for treating wrinkles along with other signs of aging skin. Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, beta-hydroxys, antioxidants also treat wrinkles. They all increase skin turnover and collagen in the skin leading to firmer and plumper skin. Many people with sensitive skin, however, cannot use these anti aging treatments. They can use polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) that are less irritating to skin. People with excessively dry skin should not use much of alpha-hydroxy acids. They can apply moisturizing creams.

Home Treatment for Wrinkles: Coconut milk, castor oil, as well as sugar cane juice mixed with turmeric powder are good for reducing wrinkles at their first appearance. Get more Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles


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