Anti Aging Foot Care – Tips for Youthful Pretty Feet

Foot care is and should be an essential part of anyone’s health and beauty routine. You ask why? Because pretty and unblemished feet are always admired and with soft smooth feet you feel like walking in heaven! Did you know that knowingly or unknowingly, your feet and apparently the footwear are noticed as one of the few first things when someone talks to you or simply watches you. Pretty feet contribute a lot to create the first impression about your personality. If those were not enough reasons for you to have foot care as your important anti aging schedule, know that feet do indicate age!


Do feet indicate age?

Yes is the answer. There is a constant change in our skin and joints throughout our life. With aging feet also lose some of its strength and springiness due to these changes in skin and joints.

  • Feet tend to spread and start losing the fatty pads meant for cushioning
  • They lose springiness because the tendons that hold the feet arches together, lose their stretch. Now you know why you can’t jump from chair that effectively as you did in childhood!
  • Bones of the feet also get thinner with aging. So, this may lead to osteoporosis (only if you don’t take steps for anti aging foot care!)
  • Feet become less elastic and thus become vulnerable to damages
  • Feet (and legs too) tend to swell increasingly with age
  • Toenails become thicker and more brittle because their growth slows down
  • Minor injuries of feet don’t get repaired easily due to stiffened blood vessels and hardened arteries

Let’s probe in detail as to how does feet age with time!

How does Feet Age?

An average person (until 65 years of age) walks about 75000 miles in his lifetime. Don’t get shocked, you have encircled the earth thrice by walking if you are 65 years old at this time! Imagine about the burden you put on your feet!

Your feet ceaselessly support the whole weight of the body, pressure, and aids in proper balance. Even when you sit, you should balance yourself by placing the feet on floor.

But feet is one of the body parts that is prone to develop aging signs faster. Hands and feet age faster than face due to low fat and collagen. As you age, the feet lose the protective layer of fat. Gradually, feet loses the softness and becomes dry, brittle and dark.  Dehydration is yet another major cause of aging feet.

Feet quickly go dry and develop infection. Needless to say, cracked heels live with you for decades. Scaly skin, cracks, dry skin, dark feet, brittle and dark toes as well as painful ankles aren’t a good sign of health. They also look awkward.

During 20s and early 30s (in a few people), feet automatically counters the damages and injuries, muscle pain, heel pain, swelling of the feet, and fungal infection and such other common problems that we experience. However, improper care and poor health accelerates aging and damages the feet.

What are the Causes of Premature Aging in Feet

  • Feet ages due to normal wear and tear
  • Feet ages due to improper foot care
  • Feet ages due to lifestyle factors and unhealthy habits

What are the Aging Signs of Feet

  • Size of the foot changes; either it becomes longer or wider (This happens during anytime from early 30s to late 30s)
  • Flattened sole
  • Inner feet skin become thick and scaly
  • Rough and dry skin
  • Skin becomes very dry and flaky (especially in the joint)
  • Cracked heels
  • Crooked toes
  • Discoloration of toes and nails / Darker toes (due to poor circulation)
  • Toe fungus
  • Injuries

When your foot hurts, it hurts you! Your feet is connected with all the major organs in the body through tiny nerves. Can you now relate why acupressure specialists press all those points in your feet to heal you!

Because they carry you for so long throughout the day, your feet need more rest and rejuvenation than you. You may practice good foot care habits, but need something more to combat aging signs of feet. Here is your comprehensive guide on anti aging foot care

Anti Aging Foot Care Guide

Three Basic Things to Bring Back the Charm of Aging Feet

Anti aging foot care starts from following a healthy foot care regime. Here are the three basic things you should follow meticulously to bring the lost charm in your feet. This serves as base to reverse the aging signs of the foot and keep your feet look soft and pretty.

1. Clean your feet properly! Every day!

Cleanliness is the key! When you look at your inner feet after a few minutes of taking bath, it will not look clean and fresh. The invisible dirt and debris in your home makes the feet dirty aging. It doesn’t mean you should soak your feet in water continuously to keep it clean and free from debris. But how?

  • Wash the feet as soon as possible after it is exposed to dust / dirt.
  • Give extra care to feet while bathing. Scrub them even if it’s for a minute only!
  • Soak your feet in warm water for a minute before bathing. This makes scrubbing easier when you take shower. If you can’t soak it in warm water, just add a few drops of shower gel or shampoo in normal water and soak feet in this for a minute.
A secret tip:

Don’t let your head under shower as the first thing while bathing. Let your feet get soaked in water and gradually move towards head. It releases the excess heat from body through ears and you can feel it. If you instantly stand under a shower, the excess heat circulates inside the body and settles in your feet, which also affects your feet. So, wet your feet (soak in water) before bathing.

2. Scrub your Feet Daily

Scrubbing your skin is the essential skin care routine that removes dead skin cells and keeps you looking younger for years. Whether or not you do a facial scrub or hand scrub, do the feet scrub, regularly. Since foot skin is different (slightly hard and thicker) from skin in other parts, you should scrub the skin of your feet daily.

Buy a pumice stone and rub the stone on foot. Based on the roughness of your feet skin, it might take a few days to see the difference. It will remove the dead skin cells, roughness and keeps the skin very soft and smooth.

Scrub your feet twice a day, morning and night only if you want to keep them younger!

3. Moisturize your Feet Regularly

Just like your facial skin needs a moisturizer, your feet pretty much needs it. You don’t need to invest in any expensive foot cream or serums. Even the regular oils will soften the texture and make the skin look younger.

Apply moisturizing lotion or coconut oil / olive oil / vitamin E oil on your feet and gently massage the foot for a minute or two. Do this within three minutes of bathing as it is the time when your skin absorbs moisture exceptionally well, thanks to all the open pores of your skin!

Also do this at night meticulously after washing and scrubbing the feet. If your skin is too dry, you can also apply vitamin E oil or almond oil on foot twice or thrice a day.

Sometimes you should do something very simple to manage big things. Smaller steps lead to big success. Like cleaning, scrubbing and moisturizing your feet can keep it away from aging!

Following are some of the other simple things that can reduce the impact of aging on your feet.

Basic Foot Care – The Foundation to Healthy, Young and Pretty Feet

1. Wear proper shoes

Wearing wrong shoes (both size and shape) is the major cause of crooked toes and feet. It affects the blood circulation and makes the feet look darker. Shoes with proper fitting allow you to distribute the body weight equally without giving pressure to feet. You should be comfortable in your shoes.

2. Bare your feet

Let your feet breathe properly. Wearing footwear for hours undoubtedly damage the feet. Don’t miss even a single opportunity to remove your socks and shoes.

3. Walk bare foot

Try to walk bare foot (not just inside your home) for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day. Walk bare foot on grass, if possible. It would be more beneficial if you walk bare foot on the grass. As mentioned above, the tiny channels that connect various organs with foot will be stimulated. Besides, walking on grass also soothes the tired feet and reduces the pain in ankles.

4. Fight Fungi

It is not an easy task to fight the fungus infection, especially when your feet is wrapped for most of the day. This can easily help fungus breed.

A lot of over the counter medications are available to treat the fungus infection of feet. You can buy creams or lotions or sprays or powder to apply on the fungi infected feet. A foot free from infection not only feels good but also looks pretty. However, it will be hard to treat toenail fungus. Add the goodness of tea tree oil to fight the fungal infection.

Apply tea tree oil.

Toe nail fungus is not uncommon. Applying tea tree oil is the straight forward method to treat the fungal infection. This is one of the most effective home remedies for fungal infection.

5. Nourish with vitamin E oil.

Soak nails in warm water, pat dry and apply vitamin E oil to nourish the dry and brittle nails with goodness of the skin friendly vitamin.

6. Massage your feet daily

Gently press the fingers, sole and surface of the feet. It relaxes the feet muscles and has a soothing effect on you.

7. Exfoliate with Salt

Salt is a natural exfoliant. Adding salt to the hot water removes the debris and exfoliates the hard skin. Twice a week (no more than two times) after washing the feet take a handful of salt and rub it on the feet. Be gentle. Wash it off after few minutes, pat dry and moisturize.

You can use crystal salt, black salt or pink salt to exfoliate the feet twice a week.

8. Exfoliate with Brown Sugar

If you have cuts and wounds, avoid using salt. It might aggravate the wounds. In such a case, lather a layer of honey or coconut oil and use brown sugar. Take a handful of brown sugar and apply on the feet. Rub it gently in circular motion.

9. Savor lemon peel

Do not throw away lemon peel! Rub the inner rind of the lemon peel on your feet.

10. Change socks every time

change your socks everyday! Or every time (morning and evening, if you sweat a lot). Do not wear the same set of socks for weeks.

11. Get pedicure once a month!

And finally get pedicure once every month from expert hands. Although you can make the foot soak at your home to rejuvenate your feet and enhance the appearance, spa experience is unique. It’s like deep cleansing, exfoliating and deep massaging of your feet.

If you can’t go for pedicure, DIY! make your foot spa at home! Here’s how to do so.

Home Foot Spa to Rejuvenate your Aging Feet

While visiting a spa to get a pedicure at least once a month is essential in an anti aging foot care routine, sometimes, you can do this at home too.

Here is a way to make your own foot spa at your home to take care of feet and reduce the aging signs.

Ingredients required for ‘at home foot spa’

  • Warm water
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • A few drops of Lavender oil or rosemary essential oil
  • A few drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • Epsom salt
  • Your choice of foot wash / hand wash or even mild shampoo
  • A few pebbles or toy marbles (optional)
  • Fresh rose petals

How to do foot spa at home

  • Add all the ingredients one by one in hot water- from lemon juice, essential oil, eucalyptus oil to Epsom salt and foot wash or shampoo
  • If you are using pebbles or toy marbles, put them in the tub.
  • Scatter the fresh rose petals over warm water
  • Now soak your feet (you will love it when the pebbles / marbles give you a gentle foot massage) in this homemade foot spa
  • Make yourself comfortable and stay there for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Smell the nice aroma of rose petals and essential oils. If you like it, let a soothing music play in the background or just close your eyes and feel the comfort.
  • Take your feet out of water after 20 minutes and gently scrub the feet with pumice stone
  • Wipe off the feet with wet cloth
  • Pat dry your feet with a towel and apply moisturizer
  • Massage the feet gently for a couple of minutes
  • Fee refreshed with soft smooth feet

Anti aging care routine for nails

  • Massage the toes regularly to strengthen and nourish the nails.
  • Apply vitamin E oil to the nails for hydration.
  • Don’t scratch or scrape the nail polish.
  • Use acetone free nail polish remover to remove the polish.
  • Trim the toe nails and don’t grow them long. It may lead to infection. (You can use toenail clippers to trim the nails)
  • It will be easier to trim and file the toe nails after foot soak.

A simple (daily) anti aging foot care regimen

You can follow these steps at night. You can set your own time- 10 minutes to 30 minutes- whatever you feel like donating to your foot care every night!

  • Wash the feet and pat it clean
  • Take bare foot walk for 5-15 minutes, preferably on grass
  • Get a foot soak (with healing ingredients / just plain water)
  • Scrub the feet with pumice stone
  • Wash the feet and apply moisturizing oil or cream
  • Massage the feet and toes
  • Apply vitamin E oil or castor oil to the toes
  • Go to sleep!

A few beauty tricks to make your feet look pretty

These are just beauty tips for your feet! Just like you need anti aging beauty tips for your body, you need these for pretty younger looking feet!

  • Wear nail polish on your toe nails. The colors in your nails change the way your feet appear. Apply a base coat before applying your favorite color. It will enhance the color of the nail polish, even if you use pastel shades.
  • Make sure that toe nail and finger nails match each other. Wear the toe nails complimenting your outfit, even if you go plain on fingernails.
  • Apply henna to your feet. It is the best remedy for aging feet. Henna is a beautifying ingredient that lends beautiful red color and soothing coolness to your skin, keeps infection at bay and moisturizers your feet. But remember, once you apply henna to feet, the color will be there for a few days.
  • Don’t do salt water foot soak daily. Instead you can add any choice of essential oil or peppermint leaves to your foot soak. Salt water soak is best when done once or twice a day otherwise your feet will get extremely dry. If your feet always feel exhausted, you may also try these foot soak recipes for tired feet.

Just like you care for face and skin, you should dedicate a few minutes to take care of your feet every day and every night. Whether you have a curved foot or a flat foot, it is immaterial; pretty much you should care for it! Anti aging foot care not only makes your feet appear pretty, but also healthy.

Not only feet, your hands too need special care. If you too think so, you might love to see these homemade anti aging hand cream recipes.

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