7 Best Anti Aging Foods

In this time of great economic uprising, humans have turned towards making the best out of the opportunity, and so much so, this has become a life style, an expensive one to be specific, which takes toll on their health. Excess work load, demanding larger durations of time, we tend to neglect our bodily needs and work more and more to stay ahead to maintain this expensive life style of luxurious comfort, and in turn deteriorate our health to irrecoverable extents. This excess workload causes depression, which shows up on our physique and our skin, making us look older from outside and feel older from inside. The age isn’t affected, but our health for sure is which harms our years of life.

But we all have a desire of living long and soak in all the pleasures of life that this earth can offer. And for our help nature has provided us with some great and highly effective foods which help in keeping our health at its best and using this help we can add to our years to our life.

Anti Aging Foods

These foods don’t only help in adding life to our years, but they also have nutrients which help in keeping many a diseases at bay, like, diabetes, osteoporosis and other heart diseases.

What are the Best Anti Aging Foods then!

Here is a list of such foods which you can include in your diet to have a healthy, active and a long life.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric- Anti Aging Food

This Indian herb is now world renowned for its tremendous health qualities and effectiveness in helping one’s health. It comes laced with curcuminoid pigment which enhances the genes in our body which are responsible for enhancing the body’s own synthesis of antioxidants. This highly potent herb works effectively to protect brain and skin cells from radical damage, hence producing noticeable effects like increase in concentration for the brain and slowing the rate of formation of wrinkle and fine lines on skin, which are fine signs of aging. It is also helpful in preventing cancer.

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How to have turmeric for anti aging benefits

One can have it with milk, sweet smoothies, almond milk, fried eggs, or as a spice in your curries and gravies like some Asian cuisine does.

2. Green Vegetable Juice

Green Veg Juice- Anti Aging Food

Juices are the easiest ways to mix in the best of all the good and have it all in once. Plus when it is liquid it is easy on the digestive system of the body, allowing all the nutrients to be soaked in and give the best of healthy effects. Green vegetable juices, are the best ways to take in all the goodness of green vegetables which are rich in, antioxidants, phytonutrients, oxygen, vitamins, chlorophyll, and minerals which energize your body and lace it against all the diseases which take toll on your health and have harmful effects on your life.

How to make anti aging juice with veggies

You can use vegetables like, cucumber, fennel, spinach, spearmint for nice aroma and flavor, and topping it up with kiwi fruit and apple would give it a sweet taste to balance out the taste of vegetables. A hint of citrus in this juice will make it good for preventing oxidation. Try to use seasonal vegetables and fruits as per your taste buds and get most out of the nature to prepare yourself against aging.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil- Anti Aging Food

Olive oil has been studied to find that it contains mono unsaturated fats which are highly responsible for preventing heart disease and cancer. This study had been conducted by a congress of scientists from seven countries. Olive oil has been known to contain powerful antioxidants that are widely known for preventing age related diseases.

How to use olive oil for anti aging benefits

You can consume olive oil in your daily food, in moderate amounts by using it in place of the normal oil in which you may cook your daily food. In short, change your cooking medium to olive oil and if you want to have some more anti aging effects, use extra virgin olive oil for your salad dressings!

4. Yogurt

A very common food available everywhere and very easy to be included in your daily diet, is yogurt. Being a dairy product, it becomes naturally rich in calcium benefiting your bones, and hence helping your body. Yogurt has been proven to have age defying powers. This easy food also keeps intestinal illness at bay which helps in better digestion of any other foods you have. This quality is given to yogurt due to its good bacteria.

How to have yogurt as anti aging food

You can have yogurt mixed with sugar or salt but plain yogurt is what is most beneficial when you talk about anti aging and keeping your intestine healthy!

You may also make smoothies with yogurt and choice of fruits like strawberries and blueberries.

Anti Aging Food- Yogurt

Or make your dips and spreads with hung curd.

If nothing, use plain yogurt as your salad dressing or have bowl of it as your snack. Just avoid looking it under a microscope! Looking at those bacteria, even though good ones, may take you away from having yogurt!

5. Fish

Fish, an abundant source of omega – 3 fats which help prevent cholesterol collection in arteries, keeping it open and fluent, assisting good blood flow and better working of heart. This also works against abnormal heart rhythms.
Fish light on your digestive system, makes for a very light food which works wonders for your health and taste buds. And if you are thinking what fish can be had for anti aging effects, be aware that the richest source of omega-3 fats are fish oils found in salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna and herring. While you may always have fish oil pill, if you want to have the taste too, cook fish for yourself!

Fish- Anti Aging Food

How to cook fish for anti aging benefits

Grill them, bake them or poach them, but do not fry them! Steaming is yet another healthy way to cook fish, its good especially for mild tasting fish. And when you don’t have much time or when you want a hassle free cooking, just broil fish to have delicious anti aging food!

6. Nuts

Anti Aging Food- Nuts

Nuts like, almond, peanuts, walnut, pistachio, are rich sources of unsaturated fats, offering prevention against heart diseases and cancer. These are rich and concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which give great health on consumption. A study conducted by Seventh Day Adventists, showed that people who consumed nuts, lived as much as 2 years more than those who didn’t consume nuts.

How to treat yourself with anti aging nuts

You can have them raw, or lightly dry toast them in salt and have a tasty snack. But if you want nuts to act as anti aging foods, better not fry them! Use them as your mid meal snacks. Just don’t over eat them. Whether you have one type of nuts like almond or walnuts or a mix of various nuts, don’t have more than a handful during the whole day. So, next time, when you crave for that bag of potato chips, go for nuts rather!

7. Blueberries

Anti Aging Food- Blueberries

Blueberry is an exotic fruit which has compounds having qualities helpful in mitigating inflammation and oxidative damage associated with age related loss in memory and motor functions which help facilitate balance and coordination in human body. Any anti-inflammatory food is an anti-aging food! And blueberries, and other berries, too are such a food that helps you delay aging.

How to include blueberries in your anti aging diet

You can have blueberries raw, or make smoothies, or top your fruit salads with it for a sumptuous, tasty and a healthy meal- the one which is also one of the best anti aging foods!

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