Anti Aging Diet

Does diet has a role in preventing ageing? Aging is not only skin degeneration and wrinkle problem. It has to do with other health issues too. Memory loss and risk of chronic diseases- all are signs of aging that can be handled efficiently with proper anti aging diet plan!

Anti Aging Diet

How Anti Aging Foods Work?

When talking about anti aging nutrition diet, there is one of such elements known as phytonutrients that are proven anti aging nutrients. These are one of the many types of antioxidants that can counter free radicals effectively. Free radicals are the oxygen molecules having an important role in the onset of such illnesses as heart diseases, osteoporosis, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease. All the illness related factors have basis in the inflammation of cells. The anti oxidants like phytonutrients and other anti aging compounds got through food assist the human cells in fighting off the free radicals and thus prevent ageing signs from approaching early.

What Anti Aging Diet to Have?

Anti Aging DietThere are basically two types of food that are important from the point of aging or anti aging!

  • Pro-Inflammatory Food- Examples include the saturated or trans fatty acids, starches and sugar containing foods.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Food- Examples of such foods are the bright colored vegetables and fruits that are rich in antioxidants; cold-water fish etc. Here are Antioxidant Diet Food Sources listed for your help.

Anti-inflammatory foods are also the anti aging food as they slow down the process of aging by helping body cells prevent inflammation and thus delaying the aging process.

Pro-inflammatory foods, on the other hand, make the process of aging faster. Thus, any one wanting to delay his or her ageing process must avoid pro-inflammatory foods and opt for anti-aging diet that includes antioxidants and the like.


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